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Pearl Bridal Jewelry Trends - Timeless and Stylish

Pearls of Joy x The Culture of Pearls

Pearls have always been associated with brides and wedding days. Their luster and radiance adds another layer of beauty to the overall bridal look.

Pinterest introduced us to the ‘Pearl Core’ concept and today it has found a special place at weddings. What’s more, pearls are no longer seen as a gem for that ‘traditional classic’ look. Today, these luminous gems are associated with a chic, contemporary style.

The pearl core trend has also been spied at bridal shows and runways. This summer, brides are opting for stylish and unique ways to incorporate pearls in their overall bridal look.

Also, with sustainability top of mind, many brides are choosing their wedding jewelry that is environmentally friendly, versatile and easily wearable for years to come. And top of the list are pearls – bridal, sustainable and so very lovely.

Just like every bride, every pearl is unique. Thus, bridal pearl jewelry is one of the most important and unmistakable statements of a bride’s personal style!

Pearl necklaces for brides

From left to right: Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Y-Shaped Necklace, Japanese Akoya Tin Cup Necklace, Akoya Pearl Necklace, Akoya Pearl Jasper Necklace, Bridal Image courtesy of  Peter Langner/ New York Bridal Fashion Week. 

The Necklace

Bridal jewelry is almost synonymous with a white pearl necklace. The color of the pearls complements the creamy hue of the wedding dress, creating a harmonious look of silk, lace, luster and shine. Today brides are moving away from the traditional single row necklace and are opting for unusual necklace styles.

The y-shaped lariat-style necklace, where brides can play around with the length of the necklace, is a great choice for brides wearing a wedding dress with a flowing silhouette and deep neckline.

Station necklaces set with white pearls, either in white or yellow gold, are a stylish choice for brides going for a minimalist look. Station or tin-cup necklaces, have a sophisticated elegance that is both appealing and very graceful, so perfect for creating an understated look.

Layering is another trend that has recently been seen everywhere, including at weddings. And pearl necklaces are ideal for creating a carefully designed ‘neckmess.’ Mixing pearl sizes and shapes creates a romantic yet ultra fashionable bridal look.

 Pearl jewelry for summer brides

Statement Earrings

Earrings are a focal point of every bridal look, and pearl earrings are the very definition of class and charm. Making a style statement through a pair of exquisite pearl earrings is one of the hottest bridal jewelry trends of the year. What’s more, there are many ways to make a statement with pearl earrings.

A pair of large, white South Sea pearl stud earrings, with their luscious luster and gleaming color, embody luxury and sophistication.

Alternately, a pair of drop Akoya pearl earrings with their sharp luster, silky white color and stunning overtones, is a timeless yet flirty choice for bridal jewelry.

Baroque Pearls

There is nothing more unique than baroque pearls. Their organic shapes, exceptional luster and lively overtones, makes them the ultimate statement gems.

Many brides see baroque pearl jewelry as an edgy answer to white, symmetrically round pearls, the epitome of the traditional pearl bridal jewelry look. With no two baroque pearls exactly identical, each piece of pearl baroque jewelry is unique.

A single row baroque pearl necklace, a glossy pendant or a pair of dangly earrings with baroque pearls are striking ways to make a bridal look very distinctive and special.

Pearl bridal jewelry ideas

From left to right: White Baroque Freshwater Pearl Necklace, South Sea Pearl and Diamond Lucy Earrings, South Sea Pearl and Diamond Ring, Akoya Pearl and Diamond Bracelet, Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Earrings, Bridal Image courtesy of Anne Barge/New York Bridal Fashion Week

Pearls and Diamonds

Is there a gem pairing more timeless than pearls and diamonds? From royalty, aristocracy to modern day celebrities, pearls and diamonds have been the go-to gem pairing for a perfect bridal look.

Lady Amelia Spencer, niece of the late Diana, Princess of Wales wore a pair of demure diamond and pearl drop earrings on her wedding day earlier this year. And Jennifer Lopez famously wore a fabulous white South Sea pearl and diamond cocktail ring with a pair of matching earrings for one of her official wedding photographs last year.

With pearls and diamonds, you can never go wrong. Whether you choose a pair of dangling diamond and white freshwater pearl earrings, an Akoya pearl bracelet with diamond details or a white South Sea pearl and diamond cocktail ring, this classic pairing will be radiant choice as bridal jewelry and continue to look elegant and glamorous, for years to come.

Pearls continue to perfectly embody the elegance of the wedding day and the romance of the moment. With contemporary pearl jewelry, brides are choosing a traditional wedding gem but making it their own. 

Featured Image: Gem Quality Freshwater Pearl Necklace, 11.0 - 12.0 mm, Pearls of Joy

Reema Farooqui is a content writer who loves pearls and pearl jewelry. You can find her on her website The Culture of Pearls or on Instagram at @thecultureofpearls

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