Metallic Freshwater Pearls - On Sale Now

Metallic freshwater pearls are extremely rare, the crisp metallic luster only appearing in .01% of all freshwater pearls. The amount of pearls necessary to produce a well matched metallic strand is staggering. A producer would need to sort through 100's of tons of pearls to produce a single strand.

strands of golden metallic pearls

Back in Sept. I chronicled our trip to the Hong Kong Jewellery show and the various pearl treasures I found. As popular as the freshwater "Ripples" and baroque Akoya pearls were, the metallic freshwater pearls are the item I've received the most interest in. I was lucky enough to find several dozen top quality strands, each with bright almost impossible metallic luster. Today I'm offering a sneak peek for all my blog and social media subscribers. If there's anything left by next week they'll go on as a homepage special.

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