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Men Wearing Pearls – A Jewelry Trend That’s Here to Stay

Pearls of Joy x The Culture of Pearls

What do A$AP Rocky, Harry Styles and Timothée Chalamet have in common? Apart from being A-list celebrities and indisputable fashion icons, they have put the spotlight on pearls as the gem of choice for men!

Just a few years ago, seeing a man wearing pearls would have turned many heads. Men wore silver and gold chains, eye-catching signet rings, discreet tie pins and elegant cufflinks, but not pearls. Today, cultured pearls have become an important and noteworthy jeweled accessory for men.

Selection of pearl jewelry for men 

From left to right: Freshwater Pearl Tincup Pendant, Golden South Sea Pearl Devon Pendant, Tahitian Baroque Pearl Necklace, 7.0-7.5mm Akoya Pearl Necklace, Pearls of Joy; Male model on fashion Runway (Getty Images).

Can Men Wear Pearls?

Yes, they absolutely can and have done so since antiquity. In the past, pearls were worn by kings, Maharajah’s and royal courtiers as a symbol of their wealth, nobility and power. In fact, pearls were the one gem that spoke volumes about their position in society.

Today, men have once again embraced pearls. As a fashion statement that is both contemporary in its spirit and wholly modern in its aesthetic, pearl jewelry for men is creating a new yet familiar jewelry revolution.

What’s more pearls for men is not just pearl necklaces or bracelets. There is an entire range of looks that can be interpreted as pearls for men.

Many fashion designers have paired their haute couture fashion runway looks for men with pearl jewelry. Pearl necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings and even pearl rings are being worn by men, not only on high wattage red carpets but even on the high street.

However, with so many men choosing to add pearls to their overall look, the idea that pearls are a jewel exclusive to women or only look good on women has certainly been turned on its head.

Men wearing pearl jewelry

Men in Pearls (from left to right) : Pharrell Williams, Timothée Chalamet, Shaun Mendes, Harry Styles, A$AP Rocky (Images courtesy of Getty Images).

What is it about pearls that speaks to men?

As a gem pearls offer men a versatility that few other gems are able to offer.

In addition, with the wide range of colors available in pearls, it’s easy for men to make a personal fashion statement. While white pearls have an aura of sophistication, black pearls are seen as edgy and unique and gold pearls signify luxury.

But why stop there? Freshwater pearls offer a range of pastel colors which are both attractive and a great way to liven up a look with a serene hint of color.

Similarly larger size pearls can be used to make a bold statement. Necklaces or bracelets with large baroque pearls can be a loud declaration of style. Smaller pearls, by contrast, are always an elegant choice. A single pearl ear stud  or a drop-shaped pearl set on a pendant, can speak volumes for style in a man’s outfit.

It is also quite trendy for men to pair their pearls with other materials, and in the process changing the meaning and essence of the gem.

Instead of wearing a single color pearl necklace, some men opt to layer it with silver or gold chains, thus playing with different colors, textures and finishes. This is a studied look, which is perfect for a special event or a night out.

Alternately, some men prefer to wear a single, large circlé baroque pearl on a leather rope. The contrast between the earthy texture of the leather rope and the uniquely baroque shape of a lustrous pearl makes this piece of jewelry perfect for everyday wear.

In short , there is a pearl look for every man. It may take some time in figuring out what works and doesn’t work, but the versatility promised by pearls makes them the most accessible and easy to style gem for men.

Pearl jewelry for men

From left to right: Tahitian South Sea Pearl and Diamond Pendant, 6.5-7.0 mm Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings, White South Sea Baroque Pearl Leather Necklace, Tahitian South Sea Pearl Stud Earrings, Pearls of Joy.

How to Incorporate Pearls into Men’s Style

Start Small

If you are new to wearing  pearl jewelry, start with smaller and more subtle pieces like a single, round, pearl stud earring or a bracelet with smaller pearls. Akoya pearls are ideal for this look.

Choose Your Jewelry Based on the Occasion

Choose your pearl jewelry based on the occasion. Smaller pieces such as a pearl pendant or a single pearl on a leather rope are ideal for everyday wear. Larger pearls as well as bolder colors are perfect for special events. Why not wear a such as deep gold South Sea pearl or dark grey Tahitian pearl necklace to celebrate a special occasion?

Wear One or Two Pieces at One Time for Maximum Effect

To really make your pearl jewelry stand it, wear one or two pieces at a time. A pearl pendant paired with a pearl bracelet is a stylish look. Similarly a pearl necklace worn with one pearl stud earring would look very striking.

Wear Your Pearls with Confidence

Confidence is key to wearing and carrying your pearl jewelry. Take time to develop your unique jewelry style, find the pearls that work best for you in terms of color, shape and size and wear your pearl jewelry with confidence as a hallmark of your personal style statement.

The Future of Pearl Jewelry for Men

As a gem, pearls have a timeless appeal and offer versatility to men in many different ways. Pearls are also the perfect gem for men to explore and share their personal style statement. For a casual everyday look or for a chic evening outfit, there are no gems that delivers can easily and effortlessly echo the mood of the moment, like pearls. Men have taken to this gorgeous gem and pearls for men are here to stay.

Featured Image: A Selection of Tahitian Pearl Necklaces

Reema Farooqui is a content writer who loves pearls and pearl jewelry. You can find her on her website The Culture of Pearls or on Instagram at @thecultureofpearls

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