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June 2014 Hong Kong Gem Show - Day 3

I started day 3 with a visit to Heng Mei to select metallic freshwater strands. I walked away with a handful of nice metallic drops, a few round strands with unusually rich color and some great metallic whites. They didn't have the peach and lavender metallics I needed, but these were a good start.

strands of metallic pearls from Heng Mei
metallic pearl dropsa strand of beautiful metallic pearl drops
different colored drop pearls
drop pearls in various colors
drop pearls with indescribable colors
two strands of colorful drop pearls
drop pearls with rare colors
dark and light colored drop pearls
round pearls with metallic luster
beautiful metallic pearls
strands of round pearls with metallic luster
beautiful variety of colors in two round pearl strand
a closer look at the round pearls' exquisite metallic luster
traditional white pearls
close up of the white pearls' beautiful luster

While sorting metallic freshwater strands, I was shown two stunning drop shaped Edison(bead nucleated) pearl necklaces. What made these strands interesting was the color, particularly the second strand, which had a combination of golden/peach body color and purple overtones, definitely unusual. Unfortunately these strands were as pricey as they were impressive, so I decided to sleep on it before pulling the trigger. Along with the strands I was shown two large 14-15mm Edison pairs, that despite the premium pricing, couldn't be passed on.
 a strand of Edison, bead-nucleated pearls
Edison pearls with purple overtones
bead nucleated Edison pearls
golden Edison pearl necklace
Edison pearl necklace with golden and purple overtones
white and dark purple round pearls
pairs of white and purple metallic round pearls

After a late lunch, I jumped back to the sorting tables to select a couple cards of fancy color drops. Starting with a bucket of several thousand top grade pearls, I whittled it down to a dozen pairs of the very best. Two of the staff stopped to take pics of the pairs I made, which is always a good sign you're doing something right.

After the fancy color drops I found a bucket of was labelled as AAAA 10-12mm white drop pearls. Again I sorted through the bin taking about a dozen pairs with the best luster and shape.

 a pile of rare colored drop pearls
dark colored drop pearls
close up of the metallic drop pearls
white drop pearls
a pair of white drop pearls
a handful of drop pearls in white colors
a pair of drop pearls with a few more metallic white pearls
row of matched drop pearls
white and rare colored drop pearls in pairs
matched white and rare colored drop pearls

At this particular booth they sell primarily freshwater pearls, but they also had a display of AAA grade Tahitian strands in the middle of the sorting table - very clever! So while I spent a couple of hours sorting metallic drops I couldn't help but stare at a wall of top grade Tahitian strands. I wasn't planning on buying Tahitian strands this trip, but I did end up taking one dark peacock beauty. The price was good(not great) but it did give me some bargaining leverage on the drops, so I think we both walked away happy.

rows upon rows of Tahitian freshwater pearls
a pile of Tahitians in different shapes, sizes, and colors
black tahitian pearl strand

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