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June 2014 Hong Kong Gem Show - Best Of Report

It's been a few weeks since the last Hong Kong gem show and I finally have a chance to come up for air and blog about some of my favorite pearl finds from the show.

I must say, it's a lot easier to do these gem show blogs when I have Alana with me to take pictures, thankfully she's assured me she'll come to the next show in September. Even with my humble photography skills, I was able to get some interesting shots of amazing pearls. 
Although prices on average were high, I was pleased with the selection of pearls and overall quality was up across the board. Some items like "Fireball" and "Edison" Freshwater pearls jumped in price significantly, so much so that I didn't bring any back with me. But that seems to the life cycle of the new pearl types, at first they're considered junk, then they realize there is a market and prices sky rocket. If I had to make a prediction I'd point to ripple pearls being the next variety to really jump in price, in fact they already have started to rise since March. The lesson here is it's best to stock up on new varieties of pearls early, before prices jump.

amazing luster and color freshwater ripple pearls

One of the amazing "Holy grail" ripple strands, finished and ready to be shipped to it's new owner.

white to peach ripple pearls

Champagne to white colored Freshwater "Ripple" pearl strands.

multi-color freshwater ripple pearls with strong orient

Multi-Color Ripples with metallic luster and great overtones.

dark green Tahitian pearl necklace

Classic dark green Tahitian pearl necklace.

drop shaped tahitian pearl pairs

A handful of baroque/circle Tahitian pearl earring pairs.

 pairs of dove grey/blue keshi pearls
silver keshi pearls

Silvery-blue Freshwater keshi pearls, perfect for stud and dangle earrings.

ultra-rare blue Vietnamese Akoya Pearls

ultra-rare Vietnamese baroque Akoya pearls - earrings and pendants.

 pairs of silver/blue south sea pearls

Silver/blue baroque South Sea pearls with thick nacre and silky luster.

keshi pearl strands

Fun and affordable keshi pearls, begging to be twisted into torsade style necklaces.

tons of new metallic freshwater pearl earring pairs

A wide range of super-vivid metallic pearl earrings.

stunning metallic white freshwater strands

Stunning metallic white freshwater strands with blue/green overtones, a trait only seen on the very best metallic pearls.

big bold and metallic multi color freshwater pearls

Big and bold metallic multi-color Freshwater pearl necklaces.

intense multi-color drop pearl necklaces

Multi-color Freshwater drop strands with vivid body colors and metallic luster.

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Of course as many of you already know, I'm more then happy to put together custom pieces if you don't want to wait, just contact me with your ideas.

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