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Galatea Pearls - Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Show

While walking the floor of the Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Show we found ourselves  returning to the Galatea booth daily. Chi, the founder is a true artist and visionary, creating some of the most interesting pearls at the show. Some purists may cringe at the thought of carving up a perfect Tahitian pearl but you can't deny the skill and aesthetics of these one of kind pearls. I strongly suggest you check out Chi's website to view his entire collection: http://www.galateausa.com

Tahitian Galatea pearls
fascinating patterns on the Galatea pearls
Galatea pearls by founder, Chi
a single Galatea pearl
white and gold Galatea pearls
beautiful carved patterns on the gold pearls
Galatea in various patterns and colors
rows of beautiful Galatea pearls
close up of the Galatea pearls
intricate patterns on the gold pearls
highly detailed Galatea pearls
a closer look at a golden Galatea pearl
golden Galatea pearls by Chi
Galatea pearls with brilliant red stone centers
carved black pearls
intricately carved Galatea pearls
with the master himself, Chi of Galatea pearls
a tray of beautifully carved Tahitian pearls
strands of Galatea pearls
a strand of Galatea pearls with different patterns
two types of Galatea pearl patterns
noticeably carved Tahitian pearl patterns
I don't have any plans to sell Galatea on Pearls Of Joy but Alana couldn't resist picking up a few of the turquoise nucleated pearls for her own creations.

Turquoise-nucleated pearls
a close up of the Turquoise Galatea pearls

Her she is with Chi, the founder and artist responsible for Galatea, looking very happy with her new purchases.

another image with the founder of Galatea pearls, Chi

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