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Forbes: Direct to Consumer Pearl Jewelry Company

I've been selling pearls a long time... over 15 years now. Truthfully when I started, I had no idea where this crazy idea would take me. I certainly didn't expect to become one of the most recognizable figures in the pearl industry.

In retrospect, I was a tad naive to think I could enter a centuries old industry, with ZERO jewelry or sales experience.  

Surely the "big boys" wouldn't let a young man in his 20's disrupt their $30B industry... 
But my lack of sales experience turned out to be my advantage. Since I didn't know how to sell, I set out to teach my customers about pearls. Not realizing it at the time, I was giving  up the industry's hard kept secrets.

I took customers BEHIND THE SCENES and showed them exactly where, how and from whom, I was buying the finest pearls in the world. 
And it worked...  

It turns out if you treat your customers with respect and give them honest information, they'll reward you with loyalty and incredible word-of-mouth advertising. 

Today Pearls of Joy is the fastest growing pearl jewelry company in the world, with 40,000+ HAPPY CUSTOMERS, from over 20 countries. 

To read more about my journey and business philosophy, read my recent interview with Forbes Magazine:

Meet The CEO Leveraging Education To Build A Global D2C Retail Empire

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