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Tears of the Moon

Posted by Kevin Canning on 8/25/2014 to General
"Tears of the Moon" is a documentary style photo book by Robert Verspui. In the book he visits Atlas pearl farm and provides an insiders look into the fascinating world of pearl farming. This is a book that is not so much about pearls, but about the people and relationships that center around the pearl farm. Beautifully shot and published, "Tears of the Moon" has found a place on my coffee table for the better part of a year now.

white south sea pearls

The Rise Of The Ripple

Posted by Kevin Canning on 8/7/2014 to General
One of the most interesting developments has been the rise of the Freshwater Ripple pearl. By some accounts these pearls are “rejects “, intended to be round and smooth, bead nucleated pearls. Somewhere between nucleation and harvesting the humble freshwater mussel decides she has different plans. Instead of a perfectly round pearl, she creates a pearl with wrinkled skin, wild baroque shapes and in the best examples, crazy orient and luster.

amazing luster and orient freshwater ripple pearls

An example of the intense natural colors on the very best Freshwater Ripples.

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