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Hong Kong March 2016 - The Call Of The East [Day 1]

Posted by kevin Canning on 3/2/2016 to General

It's been a busy couple of days here in Hong Kong. With meetings, dinners and some unexpected technical difficulties(long story), this report is actually coming out a day late -- forgive me.

As is always the case, day 1 of the show is a bit crazy. Instead of fighting the initial crowds in the early morning, we usually take the first half of the day to get a "lay of the land". We'll try and walk the entire pearl hall(it's huge), saying hi to friends and trying to get a feel for for the current pricing.

the crowd at Day 1 of the Gem Show

Holy Grail Ripple Pearls

One of my personal favorite pearls to source are what I've dubbed the "Holy Grail Ripples". These are LARGE, impossibly colorful(natural) pearls, with metallic luster and beautiful organic rippled texture. If ever there was a strand of pearls that would get noticed in a crowd, these are it. They're also incredibly difficult to photograph, but my wife Alana was able to capture the true beauty and color of one of the three strands I was able to source.
Holy grail ripple pearl necklace

frontal image of the ripple pearls

large and colorful ripple pearls

Graduated White Freshwater "Edison" Pearl Necklace

 These pearls are China's answer to the queen of gems, the South Sea pearl. South Sea pearl farmers from Indonesia to Australia feel understandably nervous about their existence. After searching the entire gem show for this strand, I can confidently say there was only a single strand like this available, but if China cracks the code and starts producing these consistently, the South Sea farmers will not be happy. graduated white pearl necklace

freshwater white pearl necklace

freshwater Edison pearls

Large Blue South Sea Pearls

Another favorite of mine are these big natural blue South Sea pearls, there's just something so special about them. As with most the pearls I source, these are exceptionally rare, and you're not likely to see them anywhere else. Lucky for me(and POJ customers), I have a very good friend who deals in South Sea pearls and he put aside these really special blue pearls for me to select from. loose blue south sea pearls

single South Sea Pearl

measuring a blue south sea pearls

four silver/blue south sea pearls

examining a pearl

showing a natural blue south sea pearl

button shaped south sea pearl

a trio of natural blue south sea pearls

a blue south sea pearl with stunning colors

a close up of a beautiful blue pearl

blue south sea pearls with great luster

a natural blue/silver south sea pearl

blue south sea pearl with colorful luster

big blue south sea pearls

Fancy Two-Tone South Sea Pearls

These are special... "Fancy" two-tone baroque South Sea Pearls. As if silver blue baroques were not rare enough, these have flashes of gold and greens as well. I've seen one or two pearls like this in the past, but never a full lot of large AAA grade pearls. The amount of pearls needed to make a lot of pearls like this is staggering. Being a new item I resisted the temptation to purchase the entire lot, instead opting to cherry pick out a handful with the best shape, surface and luster. 
a bag of two-toned south sea pearls

south sea pearls with gold and green overtones

baroque south sea pearl with multi-colored overtone

colorful silver south sea pearls

a pair of two-toned south sea pearl

a handful of silver south sea pearls

silver south sea pearl

close up of a silver baroque pearl

silver baroque pearl

Well... That's it for day 1. If you enjoyed the pictures, please leave a comment below. We can't reply to every comment, but I know Alana(photographer) really loves reading all your feedback.
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