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Freshwater Pearl Sizes

Freshwater pearls range from 2.0 mm to 15.0. They have the widest size range of any pearl type.

6.0-7.0mm pearls are best for petite persons or those wishing to maintain an understated, minimalist appeal. Because the pearls are smaller, often times it is more likely to have rounder freshwater pearls.

7.0-8.0mm pearls are slightly more substantial, while still making a refined statement.

9.0-10.0mm pearls are about the size of an eraser head on a No. 2 pencil. They are well suited for young adults or mature teens.

10.0+mm freshwater pearls are often not as consistent in shape and size due to the rarity of their occurrence. Furthermore, it is even less likely that a larger freshwater pearl will be round. For these reasons, this size range tends to highlight the natural cultivation process of Freshwater pearls.

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