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Back To The Orient! March 2015 Gem Show: DAY 3

Posted by Kevin Canning on 3/4/2015 to General

Komatsu Faceted Pearls

To start the day we went back to Komatsu to see what sort of room we had to negotiate for a single large faceted Tahitian drop pearl. After a little back and forth we did finally negotiate a price within reason and chose a lovely 13mm drop for an excited customer. After speaking with the guys that run Komatsu it was very clear they were proud of what they were doing and I now consider myself a big fan. If I could only convince them to lower their prices a bit I'd love to make them a regular item.

faceted pearls a single faceted pearl Tahitian faceted pearl Komatsu faceted Tahitian pearl

Double Strand of Metallic Pearls

I planned to wait until the last day to look for freshwater metallic strands but spotted a couple of multi-color strands with a very unusual combination of color and luster. These are the type of pearls that seem to not only reflect light but give off their own inner warm glow.

double strands of metallic pearls multi-colored strands of metallic pearls pearls with different colors and metallic luster

Rope of Big Bold Drops

If you read my post from day 2 you saw the 18" strand of super vivid drop pearls I posted and read about a long rope version that was also on display. Not surprisingly I had a couple of request for pictures of the rope and I thought it only fair to share the photos with everybody. If this strand doesn't perk you up please check your pulse, you just might be dead.

rope of big drop pearls with intense colors vivid colored drop pearls a strand of big, colorful drop pearls

Big Ripples Covered in Orient

I actually saw these strands on the first day but the price was almost double what I've paid in the past for similar quality(as I predicted they might), so at the time we didn't commit. By day 3 they were still available and without a buyer the prices started to come down within reason. They have a beautiful silver/lavender body color that is covered in rainbow orient, ranging in size from 12-16mm these strands make a big statement!

big ripple pearls ripple pearls with intense orient big ripple pearls with rainbow orient close up of the big ripple pearls colorful ripple pearls multi-colored ripple pearls strands of big ripple pearls ropes of big ripple pearls examining the ripple pearls intensely oriented ripple pearls

White Metallic Pairs

I had a few good customers who have been patiently waiting for large 11-12mm metallic white pairs for earrings and luckily we were able to match out a couple of great pairs without too much fuss.

white metallic pearls close up of the white metallic pearls matched pairs of metallic pearls

Candy Colored Ripples & Drops

We found some absolutely delicious ripple and drop pearls with a color that defies description. Depending on the light and angle of view, these pearls range from cool ocean blues and dark greens to deep purples and golds. Put a metallic luster on top of that gorgeous color and I think we have some awesome pearls for a future special.

candy colored pearls colorful ripple pearls matched pairs of metallic pearls ripple pearl drops with wonderful colors colored ripple drop pearl pairs pairs of ripple pearls matched pairs of intensely colored pearls small metallic ripple pearls vivid, metallic ripple pearls drop pearls with vivid colors

Reader Comments

Date 3/5/2015
I love those purple colored ripples.
Date 3/5/2015
Pat Ohara
I love your blog The photos are inspirational Thanks
Date 3/5/2015
Love the large white metallic pearl earrings ....I want a pair too : ))
Date 3/5/2015
Those candy colored rippled and drops are da bomb!
Date 3/5/2015
Another day of stunning photographs Kevin & Alana ... THANKS! Are the candy colored ripples and drops bead nucleated?
Date 3/8/2015
Date 3/8/2015
I love the white metallics.
Date 3/8/2015
I love the white metallics.
Date 3/22/2015
The large 11-12mm metallic white pearls are positively celestial. Just gorgeous! I almost wish I needed new earrings.
Date 3/31/2015
Tom enger
I bought some pearls from you for my wife on our 33rd anniversary and she loved them. If you ever have a unique pearl set, send me a picture of them. I don't know anything about pearls, and really don't want to, but I do like seeing my wife happy so send me something I can put a story to. Thanks again for helping me out last January. Tom
Date 3/31/2015
Jane Renn
These pearls are beautiful!
Date 3/31/2015
Thelna L Martin
I Love my 10- 11 mm pearls I get a lot of compliments all the time asking where DiD I purchase them my husband call the company to make sure all pearls were legit and they are absolutely gorgeous couldn't have asked for a better birthday gift. I will always buy my pearls here. 💜
Date 3/31/2015
Need earrings
Date 3/31/2015
Gorgeous! All of them! And you take the best photos.
Date 3/31/2015
lupesolomai puipuifatu
can I have a the large size of a black and white pearl, please my country i have never ever seen a pearl thats why i really wanted, and also give me a good and a affordable prize, thanks I appreaciated
Date 4/1/2015
Cindy Brooks
Wow. all of these are gorgeous!
Date 4/1/2015
Cindy Brooks
Wow. all of these are gorgeous!
Date 4/1/2015
Patricia Lawson
Love these beautiful and unusual pearls.
Date 4/2/2015
X. Code
Komatsu faceted pearls look beautiful.
Date 4/2/2015
love pearls
Date 4/2/2015
Debra Steiger
Hello, I was surprised, I do like the double metallic. I guess I'm old fashion though, still like them to be round. Thank you Blessings
Date 4/8/2015
Leah Whitrock
This blog is simply amazing. Thank you for posting.
Date 8/17/2015
the shapes, colors, luster and metallics are incredibly exquisite. So enjoyed reading your blogs and emails.
Date 10/5/2015
Thank you for sharing the pearls from your last buying trip..........they are exquisite.............I lived in Japan when I was very young .......and raised to appreciate pearls at a very young age......and to this day, (62) ...........I love pearls above any other gem. They are warm and full of life and I could never have enough of them. The pearl world has grown so much since I was first introduced to them and have really enjoyed being educated more about pearls and looking at what is available out there..........thanks again, your collection is just breath taking.......
Date 5/19/2018
You are the best ride on

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