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Gem Grade Freshwater Pearls

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The Gem Grade Freshwater pearl necklaces we offer are strung with individually chosen pearls, meticulously matched to create the perfect pearl necklace. With a variety that includes pendants and strands in colors ranging from the luscious lavender pearls to the classic white pearls and several choices in between, our gem grade pearl necklaces give you variety and sophistication.

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Luxury Quality Freshwater Pearl Jewelry Direct From the Pearl Farms of China

Never in history have pearl lovers around the world had a chance to own Freshwater pearls like these. Farmed in China, our Gem Grade Freshwater Pearl Collection features incredibly durable, solid-nacre pearls sourced from the top 1% of each annual Freshwater pearl harvest. Gem Grade Freshwater Pearl Necklaces, Bracelets and Pearl Earrings are selected during harvest for their mirror-like luster that mimics the saltwater Akoya pearl with its sharp reflections and bright shine. But what really helps these pearls stand out is their nearly perfect round pearl shapes.

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Gem Quality Freshwater Pearl Jewelry - At Up To 80% Below Retail

Traditionally, Gem Grade Freshwater pearls are used for mounting fine Pearl Pendants, Rings and fine Gem Grade Freshwater Pearl Earrings. However our founder, Kevin Canning, has purchased entire lots of these stunning pearls and had them specially set aside to create our Gem Grade Freshwater Pearl Jewelry Collection featuring fine Necklaces, Gem Grade Bracelets and expertly matched Gem Grade Pearl Jewelry Sets. Because we purchase our pearls directly from the pearl farms overseas, our Gem Quality Freshwater pearls can now be yours at up to 80% below the prices of the famous big box retailers.

Watch Our Video: Pearl Grading by Kevin Canning

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