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The Wide World of Pearls, Our 76th Issue: How To Buy Your First Pearl Necklace


Pearls of Joy Pearl Quote of the Week: "And we laughed, at the world. They can have their diamonds, And we'll have our pearls.” - Jill Sobule



Eye Candy


Weekly Eye Candy Spotlight: White Metallic Pearl Necklaces



More than just a high luster, true metallic pearls have a unique type of luster that comes from within the pearl. As opposed to just a shiny surface.

You must see them in person to really appreciate the effect. But here's a small glimpse at some of the metallic pearls we selected.



How To Buy Your First Pearl Necklace 

 How to Buy a Pearl Necklace


Pearls are one of the oldest gems known to man and have been worn as jeweled adornments since antiquity. Yet they also have a mystique about them which makes them even more alluring. Pearls are seeing a modern renaissance. From fashion runways to political elite, pearls are the go-to jeweled accessory favored by many. The truth, though, is that today as in the past, our love affair with pearls is seemingly and happily unending.

Pearl necklaces are the perfect piece to start your pearl jewelry collection. Choosing your first pearl necklace can be exciting and overwhelming in equal parts. But it doesn’t have to be so. With a little research and some reflection, you can find the perfect pearl necklace for yourself. Here are a few points to consider.


Learn About Pearl Types 


Types of Pearls

As far as cultured pearls go, there are four main types of pearls you can look for in a necklace.

Akoya Pearls were the first pearls to be cultured at pearl farms and are of salt water origin. Renowned for their incredibly sharp, mirror-like luster, they are available in sizes ranging from 3mm up to more than 10mm. Akoya pearls come in a variety of natural colors. White with rose, cream and silvery overtones is the most beloved Akoya pearl color, but these pearls can also be found in shimmering blue as well as captivating golden hues. Black Akoya pearls are color treated but this does not take away from either their beauty or their value. For anyone on the lookout for a “classic” pearl necklace, Akoya pearls are what you should go for.


What Makes Pearls Valuable 


Pearl Value Factors

While there is no standard, internationally accepted pearl grading system, the value of pearls is easily established by referring to several different factors which include the following: 

  • Nacre quality, or how many layers of nacre are present on a pearl, is an important detail, with thicker nacre always being more desirable.
  • Luster, or how well light reflects off of a pearl’s surface. Sharper and more radiant lustre is always a good indication of superior quality.
  • The size of a pearl can be a way to estimate its value, with larger pearls generally commanding higher prices.
  • The surface of the pearl, or its skin, is again an important factor to look at. Unblemished or lightly blemished pearls are always preferred over ones that are heavily marked.
  • As far as pearl shapes are concerned, round and symmetrical pearls will always be coveted but these days baroque pearls with their organic and unique shapes, are also much sought after.
  • Colors and overtones also affect the value of pearls. More saturated primary pearl body colors such as deep golds in South Sea pearls command higher prices. Similarly, overtones or the secondary colors glimmering on the surface of a pearl can help increase a pearl’s value. Stronger and more varied overtones, such as peacock overtones in Tahitian pearls, are rare and hence make those pearls more valuable.
  • Pearl original so affects value, with salt water pearls generally being more expensive as compared to freshwater pearls.
  • Finally, and especially for pearl necklaces, a good match (in color, luster, overtones, size, surface quality and shape) is an important starting point in establishing the value of a pearl necklace.


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Featured Pearls

Weekly Product Spotlight: White Akoya Pearl Necklace 7.0-7.5mm 



White Akoya Pearl Necklace, 7.0-7.5mm

The quintessential strand of pearls for any jewelry or pearl aficionado would be the 7-7.5 mm Akoya necklace. Available in a variety of lengths, this pearl necklace is our most popular for a good reason: large enough to catch the eye, yet demure enough to wear everyday. Its brilliant luster and thick nacre will quickly make it your favorite piece of jewelry.

Available in AAA grade quality, all our strands are hand-knotted between each pearl for security. The pearls are strung with 100% silk thread and finished with a 14K white or yellow gold clasp.


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