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The Wide World of Pearls, Our 71st Issue: A Look at Princess Kate's Iconic Pearl Earring Style by The Culture of Pearls



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Kate Middleton's Favorite Pearl Earrings



A Look at Kate Middleton's Iconic Pearl Jewellery

​Ever since her marriage to Prince William, Kate Middleton (Catherine, Princess of Wales) has become a style icon for women all over the world. Her choice of clothes and jewellery pieces has both fashion commentators and daily tabloids abuzz. Always elegant, Kate can easily be seen as a trendsetter for the woman of today.

However, the one thing that stands out about Kate’s style is her love for pearl jewellery, specifically pearl earrings. In fact, pearl earrings are Kate’s preferred piece of jewellery.


Kate Middleton Princess Diana’s Collingwood Pearl Earrings 


Princess Diana’s Collingwood Pearl Earrings 

At the 2019 BAFTAs, Kate wore a pair of exquisite white South Sea pearl and diamond drop earrings, which perfectly complemented her one-shoulder haute couture gown. Then, earlier this year Kate wore the same earrings, this time at the 2022 Royal Ascot, pairing them with a daytime outfit.


Kate Middleton Princess Diana’s Collingwood Pearl Earrings


These earrings originally belonged to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana and were  one of her favourite jewellery pieces. That Kate wears them so often is a touching tribute to the memory of the late Princess.


Kate Middleton Pearl Jewelry Poland Visit 2017 


Kate’s Ultra Modern Pearl Ear Clips 

While Kate loves wearing pearl jewellery, she is most often seen wearing pieces that are more classic in design - pearl strands and dangling earrings with pearl drops. Nevertheless, at the Trooping of the Colour parade in 2016, Kate debuted a pair of ear clips that were wholly different from her usual jewellery look. Consisting of oversized pearls set in ear clips, Kate’s jewellery choice made a bold fashion statement.

The following year, during her official trips to Paris and Poland, Kate was seen wearing the same ear clips, this time round with a coordinating statement necklace and a matching cocktail ring, shown above. The entire ensemble created a palpable stir among fashion watchers and style lovers.


Kate Middleton Queen Elizabeth's Funeral Pearl Earrings 


Queen Elizabeth II’s Bahrain Pearl Drop Earrings 

Kate has worn Queen Elizabeth’s Bahrain pearl earrings on a number of occasions over the years. Most recently, though she wore them at the funeral of Prince Philip in 2021 and just a few weeks ago, at Queen Elizabeth’s state funeral too. While her choice of the Bahrain pearl earrings at Prince Philips’ funeral thrust these earrings into the limelight, it was during Queen Elizabeth’s state funeral that the poignant symbolism behind these earrings came to be fully appreciated.

British royalty traditionally wear white pearls and diamonds at funerals. However for Kate to wear these earrings at the Queen’s funeral, was a choice suffused with special meaning - pearls were the late Queen’s favourite gems and these earrings were a cherished piece of jewellery ...


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