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The Wide World of Pearls, Our 43rd Issue: Let's Take a Tropical Tahitian Vacation 🌊 🏝️ July 25th


Pearls of Joy Pearl Quote of the Week: "O my black pearl, the rare one, the one which is found once in a lifetime …" - Khuddar


Eye Candy

Eye Candy Pearl Spotlight: Carved Tahitian Pearls by Galatea


"Welcome To The Candy Shop!"

Is there anything more gratifying than sorting through a huge mixed lot of Tahitian pearls

Maybe a large lot of hand-carved Galatea Tahitian pearls!

While walking the floor of the Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Show we found ourselves  returning to the Galatea booth daily. Chi, the founder is a true artist and visionary, creating some of the most interesting pearls at the show.

Some purists may cringe at the thought of carving up a perfect Tahitian pearl but you can't deny the skill and aesthetics of these one of kind pearls. I strongly suggest you check out Chi's website to view his entire collection: http://www.galateausa.com


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You Ask ...We Answer.

Common Customer Questions: Where Do Tahitian Pearls Come From?


Where Do Tahitian Pearls Come From?

Tahitian pearls are farmed throughout the tropical lagoons and atolls of the French Polynesian island chain that dots the south Pacific. The pearls are not actually farmed on the island of Tahiti, but Tahiti does act as the major export hub for all Tahitian pearls.

Tahitian pearls are primarily cultured on small, family owned farms and collectives located throughout the islands of French Polynesia.

The pearl farms are located in protected lagoons and atolls ensuring that the oysters are protected in warm, safe waters while they grow their pearls. The oysters are hung from long-lines and allowed to gently drift in the waters to filter feed while the pearls accumulate thicker layers of colorful nacre inside.

Good to Know: The government of Tahiti is very protective of the Tahitian pearl farming community, and has enacted strict laws regarding quality control of all cultured Tahitian pearls leaving the country. The Tahitian government has long mandated that all Tahitian pearls must have a 0.8m depth of nacre to qualify for export.


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Featured Pearls


Featured Pearls of Joy Product Spotlight: 18" Baroque Tahitian Pearl Necklace: 8.0-10.4mm AAA 

18" Baroque Tahitian Pearl Necklace: 8.0-10.4mm AAA

These exotic Tahitian pearls hail from the warm tropical atolls of Tuamotu and Gambier Islands, part of French Polynesia. Each pearl in this strand was grown for at least two seasons (minimum of 18-24 months).

While most "discount" strands are only grown one season, our Tahitian pearls spend quality time in the water acquiring thicker nacre and more saturated colors. The extra time in the oyster is what gives these pearls exceptionally thick nacre and a deep three-dimensional luster. 

Because of our founder's direct contacts in French Polynesia, we're able to offer this strand of pearls for 1/5th the price of traditional luxury retailers -- without sacrificing quality, luster or color.

This strand is a Multi-Color Tahitian, with a mix of light and dark body colors with peacock, silver, green and rich dark green overtones. The pearls have very high luster and have very light blemishing.

  •  This strand is a unique one-of-a-kind necklace. 
  •  The photo is of the exact necklace you will receive.


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