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The Enchantment of White South Sea Pearl Necklaces

Pearls of Joy x The Culture of Pearls

Luminous white pearls with satiny luster, silky iridescence and sizes sometimes reaching upwards of 15 mm, white South Sea pearls are the pinnacle of luxury in the world of cultured pearls. And why shouldn’t they be? They are rare and undeniably beautiful. As gems they are coveted by jewelry lovers not only for their allure but for the intangible aura of exclusivity that surrounds them. It’s no wonder they are referred to as the queen of pearls.

Although South Sea pearls come in shades of gold as well as white, it is the white South Sea pearls that are the most expensive cultured pearls in the world. In fact, owning a necklace strand of perfectly matched, large, round, fine white South Sea pearls could very well be the zenith of a pearl lover’s jewelry collection.

Gem-quality white South Sea pearl necklaces are expensive. But their high prices reflect their value in different ways. White South Sea pearls are loved for their large sizes, their rich, dazzling luster and unique luminosity. These stellar qualities make them the most coveted cultured pearls today.

But that’s not all. Cultured white South Sea pearls are rare. There are only a few places in the world where white South Sea pearls are harvested. The best quality, gleaming white South Sea pearls come from Australia. However, there are a few pearl farms in Indonesia that also produce lovely white South Sea pearls.

White top quality South Sea Pearl Necklaces

Left to right :  11-13mm AAA grade White South Sea Pearl necklace ; 12 -14 mm Opera length white South Sea pearl necklace, Pearls of Joy

Unlike the freshwater pearl producing mussel, which can create up to 20 pearls in one harvest, Pinctada Maxima, the South Sea pearl oyster only produces one pearl at a time. What’s more, it can take more than three years for a lustrous white South Sea pearl to be harvested from the time an oyster is first cultivated.
Given the rarity and long cultivation cycle of these pearls, creating a necklace strand of matching white South Sea pearls can take years, sometimes even up to 10 years. Thus, it’s easy to see why these pearl necklaces sell for high prices.

For anyone looking to buy an exquisite, white South Sea pearl necklace with round pearls, at Pearls of Joy you are sure to find your perfect necklace. Their highly skilled pearl graders select and expertly match each pearl to create necklaces of outstanding beauty. The necklaces are then double knotted with the finest silk thread, using a very elegant knotting technique.

At Pearls of Joy, round, white South Sea pearl necklaces come in two categories - AAA grade and Gem Quality. Both are accompanied with a certificate of authenticity.

A white South Sea pearl necklace at Pearls of Joy, with a AAA grade, will showcase pearls that are perfectly matched for color, size (or size gradation), luster and overtone. In addition, the pearls will have thick nacre as well as clean and reflective surfaces.

Gem quality white South Sea pearl necklace and complimentary pearl care kit

Left to right : 14 – 16 mm Gem Quality White South Sea Pearl Necklace ; Complimentary Pearl Care Kit, Pearls of Joy

Gem quality necklaces at Pearls of Joy comprise the best AAA grade necklaces. These white South Sea necklaces will feature pearls exhibiting exceptionally high luster, eye-clean and smooth surfaces, gorgeous overtones, large sizes as well as beautifully matched colors. Suffice to say, the white South Sea pearl necklaces at Pearls of Joy are exquisite in every possible way.

For instance, take the 11-13mm AAA quality white, round, South Sea pearl necklace. With a AAA grade, this necklace has a luster, color, overtone and nacre thickness that is difficult to surpass! At luxury retail, a necklace like this sells for $ 79,000. By comparison, at Pearls of Joy you can purchase it for $19,800.

This considerable price difference is the result of Pearls of Joy’s innovative direct-to-consumer pricing model. By sourcing pearls directly from farms and then selling them to the final consumers, this pricing model removes all avoidable overheads, mark ups and premiums that inflate prices at traditional luxury retail.

Another necklace to consider is the gem quality 14-16mm white, round, South Sea pearl necklace. Being gem quality at Pearls of Joy automatically means it is the best of the best within its category. Pearls as large as 16mm, silvery white in color, with beautiful iridescence, very few white South Sea pearl necklaces are as lovely as this one.

A similar necklace at retail luxury will sell for upwards of $ 275,000 but at Pearls of Joy, this necklace is priced at $69,000. Quite apart from the beauty of this necklace, the value for money that you get at Pearls of Joy is simply unbeatable!

Top gem quality south sea pearl necklace Pearls of Joy

15-18mm Gem Quality White South Sea Pearl Necklace (Two different views), Pearls of Joy

One of the top pearl necklaces at Pearls of Joy, a gem quality 15-18mm white, round South Sea graduated pearl necklace, is a piece of jewelry that leaves you speechless! It boasts perfectly matched pearls of exceptional white color with soft pink overtones, dazzling luster and thick nacre. This is one of those ‘once in a life time’ kind of necklaces. With pearls of this high quality and so well-matched, it would have taken many years to put this necklace together.

If you were to go looking for a necklace like this at luxury retail, you can be sure it won’t be priced a cent below $700,000. At Pearls of Joy, by contrast, this necklace sells at $140,000. This again is because the prices at Pearls of Joy don’t reflect any unnecessary mark ups or premiums. And as you rightly observed, the difference in luxury retail prices versus Pearls of Joy prices becomes larger the more expensive the necklaces!

Pearls of Joy has a wide selection of white South Sea pearl necklaces for pearl aficionados to choose from. These necklaces feature the crème de la crème of white South Sea pearls. Moreover, they sell for a fraction of the price of similar necklaces at traditional luxury retail.

As pearl lovers everywhere will say, no jewelry collection is complete without a necklace of round, white South Sea pearls. It can’t be argued, a gem quality, white South Sea pearl necklace is an exceptionally alluring piece of jewelry. And if you are looking for one, look no further, because Pearls of Joy offers these exquisite necklaces at jaw droppingly competitive prices!

Featured Image: Gem Quality White South Sea Pearl Necklace, Pearls of Joy

 Reema Farooqui is a content writer who loves pearls and pearl jewelry. You can find her on her website The Culture of Pearls or on Instagram at @thecultureofpearls 


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