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Little Guy Vs. Big Guy

I want to share the secret to my success.... what gives me an edge over the competition...

...and has customers like you returning again and again, year after year.

The best way I know how, is to share a story from a recent pearl buying trip in Asia:

  "The Little guy Vs. The Big Guy"

A few months back I was attending the world's largest gem show in Hong Kong.

This is where ALL the big shots in the jewelry industry come to buy loose gemstones. What we call in the jewelry biz "raw materials".

Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, pearls, you name it - it's all here.

So I find myself sitting down at one of the pearl booths, next to one of the industries big shot pearl buyers. 

He's a wholesale pearl buyer for one of the famous jewelry store chains(you'd recognize the company name if I told you)

with "The Big Shot" pearl buyer
For the next two hours I sat and sorted pearls. Looking for those special pearls that have the right combination of color, shape, surface and luster.

Not just the best deals, but also the best pearls (the kind of pearls that made me famous).

And near the end, when I only had 4-5 pearls to show for my effort, the big shot leaned over and asked:

"why do you bother"

"excuse me?"

"Not to be rude, but why do you spend so much time for just a couple of pearls?" he asked.

"That's how you find the best pearls" I responded.

"you can't make money like that, what's the point?" he countered.

"That's how you find the best pearls" I repeated, slower this time as he clearly wasn't getting it.

I thought about trying to explain to him that I'm boutique company...

...we focus on customer relationships, on quality, value, etc.

But he was visibly annoyed with my unwillingness to take his advice, so we ended the conversation there.

We both had much better things to do then go in circles.

He didn't get it - and I'm sure he thinks the same of me.

But you know he's right,,,

,,,Spending hours going through piles of pearls doesn't make sense for the big guys.

They want pearls in mass volume, at the lowest price. Which is fine, there's a market for that, all the power to them.


That's also why you'll never see best pearls at the mall jewelry stores.

it's just not part of their business model. The very best pearls aren't available in large enough quantity to supply all the stores.

But If you're the little guy(like me) you gotta try harder...

...and you sure as heck better have something unique to offer!

I want the pearls that make people stand up straight and take notice.

Pearls that compel complete strangers to walk up and ask

"where did you get that? I want one!"

I am willing to spend hours to find the best pearls...

...and when I do find the right pearls...

...I negotiate like a hungry shark to get the best prices.

 I've built my reputation on offering he best pearls in the world at the lowest prices possible.

So in a nutshell that's my secret...

I hand select every single pearl that I sell and go out of my way to make sure the quality is better than the "other guys".

I have to, my business depends on it...

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