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Become a CPAA Pearl Specialist

On July 31st 2016, a small group of pearl experts, farmers, and collectors got together for an exclusive event, high up in the Hollywood hills.

It was a celebration of ALL things pearl.

Hollywood Hills Event Center

This is an annual event that is put on by Pearl Paradise and Pearl Guide, affectionately referred to as "The Annual Pearl Guide Ruckus". And while I co-founded Pearl-guide.com 13 years ago, this was my first year attending.

As a workaholic (and natural introvert) I generally avoid parties in favor of my cozy office and work bench.

So what was it that lured me up to the Hollywood hills?

I was there to help unveil an exciting project I’ve been working on with the CPAA (Cultured Pearl Association of America).



Around one year ago, I was asked by the CPAA to join their marketing committee.

The committee was formed to come up with a plan to increase awareness of pearls and help retailers get to know this often misunderstood gemstone.

Not only within America.... But also the world.

No small task!

The idea was to create a course that anybody could take and become a certified "CPAA Pearl Specialist".

Our target market is the retail jewelry industry. But to date, we’ve had 100's of designers, collectors, pearl farmers and average joes, all sign up to take the course.

This course is slick (all online), and jam packed with cutting edge information and content not published anywhere in the world.

Heck, I was so excited to be a part of the project, I got over my stage fright and got up there to help my friend Jeremy Shepherd (CPAA treasurer, Ruckus host & course mastermind) present the course to the group.

Kevin Canning Presenter

Hopefully, you can't tell, but I was damn nervous up there!

Kevin Canning

To the general public, this course cost $599.

And honestly, it’s worth every penny – there’s no course like it in the world.


Since you’ve got a friend (me) with some pull in the CPAA…

… You can take it for FREE!

All you need to do is click the link below and use the coupon code provided - no strings attached.

You’ll even receive a printed (frame-able) "Pearl Specialist Certificate" from the CPAA once you complete the course.

Think of this as a little gift from Pearls Of Joy.

Link: CPAA Pearl Specialist Course
Coupon: Pearls66ofJoy

Even if you don't care about the certificate, it's an awesome resource for learning about pearls before your next purchase.

My suggestion is to take 2 minutes to sign up now while the coupon is valid, and bookmark the course so you can come back later on.

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