Lavender Metallic Pearls - Seventh Sphinx

Meghan from The Seventh Sphinx recently styled a bold blue pencil skirt, cream colored turtle neck and our favorite, pearls! With this outfit she's paired a very nice set of natural golden Akoya pearl earrings(from our friends at PP) and one of our lavender metallic pearl strands I picked up in Hong Kong. What I really like about this outfit is how Meghan "matches" golden Akoyas with lavender metallic pearls. I think too often with pearls we try to make everything uniform, but Meghan proves, pearls don't need to match to look great.

lavender metallic freshwater pearl necklace and golden akoya pearl earrings

Side by side(as above) these pearls don't match at all, but when worn the dynamic properties of pearls blend and we find they work great together.

pencil skirt with pearls
metallic freshwater pearls on turtleneck
lavender metallic freshwater pearls

Meghan did an excellent job capturing the strong green overtones often present in metallic lavender pearls. As many of you know, its no easy task photographing pearls!

lavender metallic freshwater pearl necklace

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