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Hanadama Tin-Cup Style Pearl Necklaces

It’s been a while since my last post, in my defense it’s been mighty busy around Pearls Of Joy HQ. If you haven’t visited our homepage lately, go checkout WWW.PEARLSOFJOY.COM. I’ve made some big changes.

Watch for a future post from me about why I changed our logo and the meaning behind the new version. 

But why I’m writing today….

I'd like to tell you about a special limited edition line of “tin-cup” style pearl necklaces I’m putting on sale tomorrow.

Over the last few months I've done a number of custom Hanadama pearl strands. But since Hanadama strands are sourced from Japan in 18 inch lengths,  I’m left with a fair amount of loose fully drilled Hanadama quality pearls. 

These are incredible pearls… Thick nacre, clean surfaces and that stunning metallic luster, only found with top range Hanadama pearls.

So… I decided the best thing to do with these exceptional pearls was to create a limited edition line of “tin cup” style necklaces. I've created an all Hanadama Akoya version and another version using baroque silver Tahitians. 

I think the results speak for themselves… 

1. 18” Hanadama tin cup ranging from 7-9mm

2. 18” Hanadama tin cup, featuring baroque Tahitian pearls.

20% Off - 48hrs Only(Expires May 19th 2017) 

For the next 48hrs these tin cup necklaces are 20% off. And keep in mind I only have a handful of loose pearls to make these pieces with, so there's a very limited supply. 

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