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Famous Pearls

Like diamonds, pearls also have some world-famous examples. Since pearls have enjoyed a long and illustrious history, they have been revered for ages and by many cultures. Some of the most extraordinary examples, therefore, have garnered lasting attention. The following are among the world’s most famous pearls.

Pearl of Allah

pearl of allah
The Pearl Of Allah

Sometimes referred to as the Pearl of Lao-Tse, this fabulous pearl is on record as the largest pearl discovered. It was removed from a giant clam in 1934 in waters off the Philippines. Weighing at 14 pounds, this whopper of a gemstone measures more than nine inches in length. Not without controversy the history of the Pearl of Allah is a tumultuous one.
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The Hope Pearl

the hope pearl
The Hope Pearl

This pearl was once owned by Henry Philip Hope whose name also adorns the Hope Diamond. An exquisite saltwater pearl weighing about four ounces and approximately 2 x 4”, making it one of the largest know saltwater pearls. This dropped shaped pearl unique because of its size, shape and bronze to white coloration. It is currently housed in the British Museum of Natural History.

The Big Pink Pearl

Mysteriously "Big Pink" is very camera shy and there does not seem to be any images available online.

This baroque pearl is regarded as the largest abalone pearl ever recovered. The pearl was discovered by a diver in Petaluma, California who happens to be a famed abalone dealer. He still owns this pearl since finding it back in 1990.

La Peregrina pearl

La peregrina pearl
La peregrina pearl worn by Elizabeth Taylor

Found by African slaves in the waters off The Pearl Islands of Panama some 500 years ago. One of the largest symmetrical pearl shaped pearls ever found it has been owned by kings, queens and most recently Elizabeth Taylor. With an estimated value of over 3.0 Million dollars its truly one of the worlds greatest pearls.

The Imperial Hong Kong Pearl

The Imperial Hong Kong Pearl
The Imperial Hong Kong Pearl

This exquisite pearl is comparable in size to a robin’s egg and is currently set in a platinum pendant with a diamond. The pearl was famously owned by the powerful Chinese Empress Dowager Tz'u-Hsi. As one of the largest nacreous pearls ever discovered, it is a silvery-white baroque pearl of renowned luster and beauty.

Jomon Pearl

The Jomon Pearl
The Jomon Pearl

This pearl is of particular interest to history buffs as, for many years, it has been regarded as the oldest pearl discovered. The pearl is considered more than 5,500 years old. Last year, however, a pearl discovered at a Neolithic site of Arabia challenged the notion that the Jomon pearl is really the oldest, but its fame remains undiminished nonetheless.

The Abernathy Pearl

The Abernathy Pearl
The Abernathy Pearl

This famed freshwater pearl is all the more well-known for its origin in the River Tay of Scotland. The pearl is regarded as the most perfect example ever plucked from the waters of Scotland.

These pearls and their various stories are the stuff of jewelry lore. They continue to intrigue jewelry and pearl lovers worldwide.

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