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Where To Buy Pearls: Online, Ebay Or Retail?

If you're in the market for pearls, you need to think about your choices of where to buy pearls. You basically have three options: from a retail store, from eBay, or from an on-line website devoted to pearls, such as PearlsOfJoy.com. It's best to be informed of the alternatives and their differences before you make the plunge. Let's go over some of your options.

Buying Pearls On Ebay

buy pearls on ebay There's no denying the huge selection of products and vendors to choose from on Ebay. Your biggest problem will probably be narrowing down your choices of which pearls to buy. But there is another glaring issue. There are a lot of fakes out there, in fact most pearls labelled as "Tahitian", "South Sea" or "Akoya" are simply low grade freshwater pearls. By the time you get your strand of pearls home to inspect and do the "tooth test," your seller may be long gone. It is an unfortunate truth that there are a lot of unscrupulous dealers on Ebay. If a deal seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Just be sure they have excellent ratings and a very good return policy. There are some steals and deals on Ebay but unless you are an expert in pearls and know exactly what you are looking at, the odds are you'll be ripped off.

Brick & Mortar Retail Stores

buy pearls at brick and mortar store What about going about things the good old-fashioned way, and heading downtown or to the mall to a jewelry store to buy pearls? There you'll be able to touch and try on items, which is always helpful. It works for shoes. But, just like with shoe stores, you will be faced with a small selection. There is also a 300% markup commonly built in to the purchase price - somebody has to pay for the salesclerks and rent. There's another issue about the jeweler, if there's even one on site. Jewelers typically sell all types of gemstones, and are not always as conversant about pearls as you would hope. Of course, there's Mikimoto and Tiffany, who have some of the best high-end pearls in the world. If you can afford it, fine, but you will be paying extremely high prices.

Buying Pearls Online: PearlsOfJoy.com

Of course, we're biased when it comes to thinking of our site as the best place to buy pearls. But let us give you some of our reasons.

  • We buy in large volume, straight from the pearl farm and factories. When you buy from us you're not paying the salary of 3-4 middlemen along the way. Most farms offer their pearls at auction and won't sell directly to buyers. We've done the legwork to establish relationships with farms that have high quality pearls. Some of these farms trust us to the point that they assign us their entire harvest, or the first choice of their best pearls. We spend the time visiting the farms and negotiating, and then we pass the savings on to our customers. You'll be getting the highest quality pearls at the lowest possible prices from us.

  • Given that we only sell pearls, you can trust we are experts in the field. How many jewelers do you know who have traveled around the world investigating all the possibilities and types of pearls from the farmers who harvest them? If you want rubies, go somewhere else, but if you want to know where to buy pearls - you won't go wrong with us.

  • We have an enormous selection to choose from, literally hundreds of styles and options. We probably have pearls on hand you haven't even heard of. Just browse through our site and look at all the sizes and colors.

  • Our markups are low because we buy in volume, we have no retail location, and we keep a small team of experts. We trim our costs so you can trim your neck in style.

  • Because we sell in such a large volume, reaching a larger base of customers than a typical store, we don't need to charge high prices for fewer sales. We prefer to make a smaller profit (20-50%) on our many sales. Our prices are 80% lower than retail. And with our great prices, we find our loyal customers like to tell their friends about us.

  • If you ever have a question, go straight to the president of our company. Kevin Canning started this business, and he is the one you will probably talk to when you call, though there are other pearl experts on hand. If you have a problem, you know someone who knows a lot about pearls and the company will quickly resolve any questions you might have.

  • Do you need a custom job? We manufacture our own jewelry, so we can easily create custom pieces for you.

  • We have a 100 day return policy - think of it, over three months to decide if these pearls are the right ones for you. You won't find that on eBay or at a retail store.

  • Lastly, how convenient is it to go on-line, press a few buttons, look at and compare clear photos of all kinds of pearl jewelry options? Well, we think you'll find it's very, very convenient.

  • Conclusion

    When you compare the best places to buy pearls, between eBay, retail stores and PearlsOfJoy.com, we like to think you will come to the same conclusion we have: we are simply the best place to buy pearls. We believe in what we do, and we think it shows. Try us and you'll agree.

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