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Tahitian Pearl Grading

The A - D System (or Tahitian System)

This system grades pearls on a scale from A to D, with A being the highest grade. This is the system used in French Polynesia (based on a government standard there) to grade Tahitian pearls. It is therefore sometimes referred to as the "Tahitian system." To make your shopping experience easier at we utilize the AAA-A system for all of our pearls. Below is an explanation of the tahitian system and how it relates to the grading used at

Tahitian System
Pearls Of Joy
A AAA The highest-quality pearl, with very high luster with only minor imperfections over less than 10% of its surface. These imperfections are then used as marks for drill holes.
B AA+ High or medium luster. Surface may have some visible imperfections, but over no more than 30% of its area.
C AA Medium luster with surface defects over not more than 60% of the surface area.
D A May have many slight defects, but no deep ones, spread over 60% of its surface; or deep defects over no more than 60% of its surface; or a combination of minor and deep defects over no more than 60% of its surface. In this grade of pearl, the luster is irrelevant. Even the most lustrous pearls will be graded D if their surface is blemished to this extent.

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