18" "Top Range" Madama Akoya Pearl Necklace: 8.5-9.0mm

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About These Pearls:

This insanely beautiful "Madama" Akoya pearl necklace represents the rarest and highest quality Japanese Akoya pearls produced today. Extremely difficult to source, we were very lucky to bring back a small collection from our recent pearl buying trip to Asia.

Each strand comes with a uniquely numbered certificate from the Pearl Science Laboratory of Japan. The laboratory will perform a series of tests that certifies these strands are the highest possibly quality and that the mesmerizing blue coloration is completely natural(no dyes or color treatments).

The Details:

Pearl color Natural Blue(no dyes or color treatments)
Pearl type Japanese Akoya
Pearl Grade Madama
Pearl Size 8.5-9mm
Pearl Shape Round
Length 18 inches
Species Pinctada fucata
Origin Japan
All top quality pearls strands will have this special knot between each pearl to prevent rubbing and protect from losing many pearls if there is a break.
All necklaces come with our special safety clasp that prevents the strand from falling, should the clasp come undone. Actual clasp design may vary.

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