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3rd Party Appraisal & Certificate Of Authenticity

Free With Every Purchase

Free certificate of authenticity

Pearls of Joy guarantees every item it sells for integrity of quality, and authenticity of pearls - In Writing. This means that each and every item will be of described quality and the karat gold content specified in the description.

In purchasing our products you can be certain that all of the pearls in our jewelry are genuine, good to excellent quality that have undergone no enhancements or treatments from their natural states, except for industry standard procedures.

Our cultured pearls are all genuine cultured pearls, having been grown in actual living oysters and hand picked for matching color, size and luster by expert pearl sorters in the leading pearl producing countries of Tahiti, Japan, China as well as Australia and other Polynesian islands.

As a pearl jewelry dealer, we recognize the importance of trusting your jeweler to provide you with the facts about your purchase. To uphold these strict standards, we are active members in The Safe Shopping Network, and Jewelry Central Member.
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