They're Back! - New Freshwater "Ripple" Strands!

Back in September I picked up about 20 Kasumi-like Freshwater pearl necklaces, more commonly referred to as "Ripples". To be perfectly honest I bought them on a whim, not sure if there would be much interest. These pearls really couldn't be further from the classic white, perfectly round "ideal" that most consumers look for. I was worried I'd have them in stock for months. As it turns out there is a major shift going on with pearl enthusiasts, they want color, texture and uniqueness - something these pearls deliver in spades. Within 48hrs of putting the strands on sale everything had sold. Now the problem was not what to do with these strands, but how to get more! I contacted our friends at Heng Mei Pearl Co. and asked them to send everything they had with exotic color and good luster.

Today I'm offering a sneak peek at the first of new strands, tomorrow the 11 strands pictured below will be going for sale(around 9:00-10:00am PST). Sorry, but to keep it fair we must make it first come first serve.

Our new collection of Freshwater Ripples

new freshwater ripple pearl necklaces

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