The Headmistress

Last night marked the much anticipated start of the 3rd season of American Horry Story: Coven. A huge hit for the FX network, American Horror Story(AHS) is widely considered the scariest show on television. It seems only fitting that they start the new season with Halloween creeping just around the corner.

American Horror Story:Coven - Sarah Paulson

Being big fans of the show we were very excited when AHS contacted us back in July, to help with Emmy nominated actress Sarah Paulson's character. Sarah plays Cordelia Foxx, the idealistic headmistress of Miss Robichaux's Academy. To give Cordelia the right look the costume designer wanted something that would add a bit of "dark sophistication". We looked at a few pieces but in the end we both agreed on a simple 18" strand of 7-8mm black freshwater pearls. They were dark, uniform and add that little extra needed for her outfit.

Sarah Paulson with the black freshwater pearl necklace

We don't when we'll see the other strand, but we also did a great classic graduated white pearl necklace for "The Headmistress". Keep watching and let us know if you spot either piece, but we warned, this new season is going be down right scary!

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