New Products: Macrame Pearl Bracelets

Earthy woven bands complemented by ethereal Swarovski crystals and Baroque Tahitian pearls—our new collection of macramé bracelets is wearable enchantment sized to your wrist! Lightweight and comfortable to wear, each macramé bracelet features a different look so you can tailor your choice to your wardrobe, the season, or simply your favorite color as each one of our bracelets boasts different Swarovski crystal beads in shades like purple, aqua, turquoise, black, and champagne. 

As the best trends go, the macramé bracelet can trace its popularity to the far-flung past when Queen Mary and her ladies practiced the art of macramé weaving. Sailors, particularly those who sailed the South Seas of Oceania, were adept at the practice and Victorians loved to bedeck their homes with macramé trimmings for gowns, curtains, and other decorative items. The art of macramé was revived during the 1970s when macramé jewelry came into popularity while paying rustic homage to everyday artisans who wove precious objects into their macramé bracelets and necklaces like sea glass or natural crystals. 

In some ways the macramé bracelet trend has come full circle again as woven bands of macramé like those in our collection feature baubles fit for queens—certainly fit for anyone who wants a touch of elegance and sparkle at an affordable price. Our stylish macramé bracelets are a high-end alternative to the do-it-yourself versions of yesteryear and so they are designed to be durable as well as beautiful. Bands are woven with care so wearers may adjust them to size. Since they are so versatile, they can enhance any casual or dressy look as you choose. 

While the macramé bands are particularly hip, our customers also love the dynamic interplay between the lustrous black Tahitian pearls and the sparkle of the Swarovski crystal beads. As conversation pieces go, prepare to tell perfect strangers at the coffee bar, on the train, or wherever you happen to be flaunting your style, where you got your gorgeous bracelet! Just tell them they can get their own piece of designer shimmer at too! Each bracelet features a sumptuous pair of Baroque-style pearls that flank the colorful Swarovski crystal focal piece; additional matching crystals are also attached to the ends of the macramé for added sparkle. 

You’ll fall in love with your macramé bracelet as it becomes your go-to piece of jewelry each day. And we know it can be so hard to narrow your choice to just one color! That’s why we offer many distinctive choices in our new macramé bracelet collection and priced them fairly and affordably so you can buy two! Purchase as a gift for someone special—a sister, a friend, yourself! 

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