Maven Collection Sale - Part 2

Early this month I released a few items as part of our new "Maven" collection of exotic and rare pearls. While many customers were lucky enough to snag some great pieces, I know a few have been patiently waiting for part 2 of the sale. This morning I've listed all the remaining pearls I've collected and placed them on sale for 20% off until May 31st.

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Fireball Pearls

Fireball pearls are bead nucleated freshwater pearls with elongated tails made of nacre, giving them their characteristic fireball appearance. This particular lot of pearls was selected at the September Hong Kong Jewelry and Gem Show, cherry picked for shape, color and luster.

fancy color metallic fireball pearlssilver/white metallic fireball pearlsgolden metallic fireball pearlsgolden metallic fireball pearls

Souffle Pearls

Souffle pearls have only been around for a few years, but have grown a strong following. Although typically very large (12-20mm+), the unique nucleation process leaves the pearls hollow, making them light and easy to wear. I've decided to allow customers to build their own one of a kind souffle pearl pendants. Just choose your favorite pearl and pendant setting, then decide if you want white, yellow or rose gold - making each piece personal and unique.

a single souffle pearlssouffle pearlssouffle pearl pendantsouffle pearl earrings

Metallic Freshwater Drops

Available in 2 sizes, these drops are as good as it gets for freshwater pearls today. True metallic luster combined with rare body colors, make these earrings very special indeed. Be warned, since the overtones are so strong, these pearls will shift color as you wear them throughout the day.

Metallic Freshwater Drop pearlsMetallic Freshwater Drop pearl earrings

Natural Color Akoya Pearls

These were released early in the month and proved very popular. We still have a handful of natural blue Japanese and Vietnamese strands left, including a single perfectly round AAA strand, that would likely pass Madama certification.

Natural Color Akoya Pearls
Vietnamese Akoya Pearls
Vietnamese Blue Akoya Pearls

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