Introducing the "Maven Collection"

Introducing the "Maven Collection", a collection of rare and exotic pearls, curated for true pearl mavens. Only pearls personally selected by me will earn their right to be called Maven Collection pearls. These pearls are selected for their exceedingly rare shapes, colors and quality. Most pearls in this collection will be completely foreign to the general public, but true collectors, true pearl mavens will recognize their beauty and scarcity.

To open up the collection I'm starting with the otherworldly natural color Akoya Pearls and the stunningly beautiful high grade "Fireball" pearl pendants.

AAA natural blue colored Akoya Pearl golden freshwater fireball pendant Over the next few days and weeks I'll be adding more items as they become available. My suggestion is to bookmark the Maven Collection page and check back often, you just never know what might pop up.

Click Here To View the Maven Collection

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