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What are the Best Pearls?

Posted by Pearls Of Joy on 7/22/2013 to General
It's a simple question that customers ask us daily: "What is the best kind of pearl?". Unfortunately there is not one simple answer but we'll try and make it easy for you. Read More...

Gem Grade Double Strand Pearl Necklace

An exceptional strand of 9-10mm Gem Grade Freshwater Pearls.

Japanese Pearls: Akoya, Biwa & Kasumi

Posted by Pearls Of joy on 7/15/2013 to General
Japanese pearls are revered throughout the world for their exquisite beauty. Japan has a thriving pearl industry and its pearls command center stage in jewelry markets everywhere. When considering Japan’s pearls, the cultured sea pearls known as Japanese Akoya pearls are most often regarded as the country’s loveliest pearls. While Akoya pearls are now cultured in other waters(China & Vietnam), it’s the Japanese Akoya pearl that owns the largest market share. Read More...

different grades of japanese akoya pearls

From top to bottom, these Japanese saltwater cultured pearls show excellent, very good, good, fair, and poor luster. The differences in the sharpness of the reflections between each adjacent strand are subtle but still noticeable. From GIA.com

New Products: Macrame Pearl Bracelets

Posted by Pearls Of Joy on 7/9/2013 to Products
macrame pearl bracelet You’ll fall in love with your macramé bracelet as it becomes your go-to piece of jewelry each day. And we know it can be so hard to narrow your choice to just one color! That’s why we offer many distinctive choices in our new macramé bracelet collection and priced them fairly and affordably so you can buy two! Purchase as a gift for someone special—a sister, a friend, yourself!
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