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Back To The Orient! March 2015 Gem Show

Posted by Kevin Canning on 2/26/2015 to General
It's that time of year again and I'm gearing up for the Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show. As usual I'll be taking my lovely fiance/photographer Alana with me and we'll do our best to blog each day of the show.

The Evolving Shapes of Freshwater Pearls Part 2: Bead Nucleated Pearls

Posted by Caitlin Williams on 2/11/2015 to General
This article is a continuation of Caitlin Williams three part series on the ever evolving Freshwater Pearl. In part 2 Caitlin dives into the world of bead nucleated Freshwater pearls, from inexpensive beading quality pearls to flawless metallic Edison pearls that rival the finest saltwater pearls in the world.
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