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The Evolution Of Freshwater Pearls: Part 1

Posted by Caitlin Williams on 1/14/2015 to General
Caitlin Williams is a member and admin of the Pearl Guide forum and for many years has been a huge proponent of freshwater pearls. I thought who better to walk us through the history of Freshwater pearls than Caitlin. Enjoy!

Flower Island - Jewelmer's Paradise

Posted by Alana Midlane on 1/6/2015 to General
After passing by dozens of uninhabited islands, beautiful cliffs and crystal clear water we pulled up to a warm welcome at Flower Island. The staff all came out to welcome us with huge smiles and cold drinks! Setting foot on the island truly took my breath away. Kevin and I have been to some spectacular islands around the world but Flower Island.... READ MORE click to read out full report on our trip to Flower Island Pearl farm
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