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Octopus Inspired Pearl Pendants

Posted by Kevin Canning on 11/25/2014
Earlier this year I debuted a collection of blue South Sea pearls, mounted on custom designed pendant settings. The clear favorite of the bunch was a fairly simple octopus inspired setting made of sterling silver. I remember thinking "well it's kinda out there but lets give it a go...". While not explicitly an octopus, there was something "of sea" about the setting that worked perfectly with the organic shapes of the baroque South Sea pearls.

octopus styled pendant

Sept 2014 Gem Show - Best Of Show

Posted by Kevin Canning on 11/3/2014 to Products
It's been a over a month since I've returned from Hong Kong and as usual I've had a large box of pearls in the corner of my office, patiently waiting to be sorted and turned into jewelry. This past week I finally made time to work with this new batch of pearls and get them ready to find a new "forever home".

fancy colored metallic pearls

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