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Pearls of Joy - About Us

Pearls of Joy is an online retailer of pearl jewelry based in Los Angeles. Their e-commerce site launched in 2000 and offers one of the largest selections of pearl jewelry online. Pearls of Joy has rapidly become the first choice for customers looking for exceptional value pearl jewelry.

Pearls of Joy grew from a small E-Bay based business to a large international company with satisfied customers all over the world. The company has enjoyed triple digit growth year after year and continues to expand their selection of fine pearl jewelry.

Savings is key to Pearls of Joy's business model. Buying directly from pearl farmers around the world, they're able to buy the finest pearls at lower prices than anyone else. As an online retailer, their expenses are much lower than traditional jewelry stores. These two factors allow Pearls of Joy to offer pearl jewelry at up to 85% off mall jewelry store prices.

Repeat customers are the core of the business, with many people returning again and again to purchase high quality pearl jewelry at substantial savings.

Customer Benefits

  • Customer Service:
    Though the technology is state-of-the-art, the company's commitment to the customer reflects a personal way of doing business that some might call "old-fashioned" with personal attention to each customer's order.
  • Education:
    Customers come to Pearls of Joy's website to learn about pearls and educate themselves about what to look for when buying cultured pearls.
  • Convenience:
    Shopping is available 24/7, anytime of day or night, any day of the year. Orders are processed the same day and can be delivered within 24 hours.
  • Prices:
    Pearls of Joy's prices are significantly less than what is found in retail stores, typically 80-90% less, so the customer saves. Buying direct from the pearl farmers and having a lower overhead than traditional retail stores allows Pearls of Joy to offer jewelry at a substantial savings for high quality pearls.
  • Secure:
    Shopping online is actually safer than shopping at the mall because no human eyes ever see the credit card number, which is destroyed as soon as the transaction is complete. Pearls of Joy uses the same security protocols and technology that the largest online retail sites use, such as large computer manufacturers and the big box retailers' online stores.
  • Customization:
    Pearls of Joy can create an original work of jewelry art for customers that wish to commission a custom piece.
  • Environmentally and Socially Responsible:
    Pearls are a sustainable aquaculture crop. This is unlike gemstones that use traditional mining methods, often at the expense of the land and the people who live there. Customers can feel good about giving and wearing pearl jewelry that is free of negative social or environmental concerns.

Pearl Farmer Benefits

Pearls of Joy buys directly from the farmers that grow cultured pearls. Sometimes towns and entire regions depend on pearl sales for their livelihood. Our process of buying directly puts more money into families and their farms rather into the pockets of middlemen and wholesalers who usually make far more than the farmers themselves.
  • Farm workers are paid approximately double what they would expect working in other local industries.
  • Buying direct from the farmers has stimulated the development of more jobs to keep up with the demand for high quality pearls, which enriches their communities. Pearls of Joy's growth has lead to asking the farmers to increase production to keep up with our demand.
  • Because oysters and mussels used to culture pearls cannot grow in polluted waters, it forces the government to keep the waterways clean.
  • Pearls are a sustainable crop that can be harvested year after year.

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