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White pearls are simple, classic and timeless. White pearl jewelry pieces last a lifetime, are versatile and become treasured pieces that get passed through the ages. Whether it's your first piece of pearl jewelry or an addition to a beloved collection, white pearls are always an easy choice. Our beautiful White Pearls range in styles from necklaces, earrings and bracelets to complete sets. We offer affordable prices that start as low as $45, making our white pearls as easy to own as they are to wear. For a truly classy and classic look, white pearls are the perfect choice.
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White Gem Grade Freshwater Pearl Earrings: All Sizes
Average Rating(10)
Traditional Luxury:$300.00
Original Price: $75.00
White Freshwater Pearl Bracelet: 7.5-8.0mm
Average Rating(1)
Traditional Luxury:$396.00
Original Price: $99.00
White AAA Freshwater Pearl Earrings: 8.5-9.0mm
Average Rating(2)
Traditional Luxury:$396.00
Original Price: $99.00
Akoya Pearl Earrings: 7.0-7.5mm
Average Rating(12)
Traditional Luxury:$504.00
Original Price: $126.00
White Gem Grade Freshwater Pearl Bracelet: 6.5-7.0mm
Average Rating(1)
Traditional Luxury:$540.00
Original Price: $135.00
Akoya Pearl Earrings: 7.5-8.0mm
Average Rating(7)
Traditional Luxury:$633.00
Original Price: $158.00
White Freshwater Pearl Bracelet: 8.5-9.0mm
Average Rating(1)
Traditional Luxury:$676.00
Original Price: $169.00
Dangle Akoya Pearl Earrings: Various Sizes
Average Rating(5)
Traditional Luxury:$700.00
Original Price: $175.00
White Freshwater Pearl Necklace: 7.5-8.0mm
Average Rating(4)
Traditional Luxury:$700.00
Original Price: $175.00
White AAA Freshwater Pearl Earrings: 9.5-10.0mm
Average Rating(2)
Traditional Luxury:$756.00
Original Price: $189.00
White Gem Grade Freshwater Pearl Bracelet: 7.5-8.0mm
Traditional Luxury:$756.00
Original Price: $189.00
Diamond Stud Akoya Pearl Earrings: All Sizes
Traditional Luxury:$780.00
Original Price: $195.00
Freshwater Pearl Rope:  6.5-7.0mm
Average Rating(3)
Traditional Luxury:$860.00
Original Price: $215.00
Traditional Luxury:$860.00
Original Price: $215.00
Akoya Pearl Earrings: 8.0-8.5mm
Average Rating(8)
Traditional Luxury:$892.00
Original Price: $223.00
Akoya Clip-On Pearl Earrings: All Sizes
Average Rating(2)
Traditional Luxury:$956.00
Original Price: $239.00
White Gem Grade Freshwater Pearl Necklace: 6.0-7.0mm
Traditional Luxury:$1,020.00
Original Price: $255.00
White Freshwater Pearl Jewelry Set: 6.5-7.0mm
Average Rating(3)
Traditional Luxury:$1,100.00
Original Price: $275.00
White Gem Grade Freshwater Clip-On Pearl Earrings: All Sizes
Average Rating(2)
Traditional Luxury:$1,140.00
Original Price: $285.00
Traditional Luxury:$1,160.00
Original Price: $290.00
Akoya Pearl Earrings: 8.5-9.0mm
Traditional Luxury:$1,180.80
Original Price: $295.00
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Pearls of Joy Reviews Excellent 4.8 / 5
Best in The Business
Kevin is the best in the business. He knows pearls like few do. His customer service is as good as it gets. And finally, he provides incredible value with each sales. The necklace I purchased is simply stunning and will become a family heirloom.
Elegant Presentation
My straightforward purchase was handled without any direct contact. I was extremely pleased with the earrings I purchased and they were a great value. I recommended this company to others previous to my purchase and I will continue to do so. The packaging made an elegant presentation
Would Recommend to Friends
I was really nervous because the promises seemed too good to be real. The quality, delivery and follow up was excellent. My necklace is gorgeous and I would definitely order from Pearlsofjoy again and recommend it to friends.
Pearls of Joy a wonderful company. They delivered my beautiful earrings quickly. The prices are unbelievable, especially in light of the quality of the pearls you get. Brilliant! Consider me a returning customer.
Great To Work With
Kevin, the owner of the company, is knowlegable, patient and accomodating. He's a pleasure to work with.
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