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The End of Overpriced Luxury?

Posted by Kevin Canning on 10/20/2017 to General
The End of Overpriced Luxury?
For years the big brands have ruled the luxury landscape.
If you wanted something "high-end", you had to pay the high-end price.
Typical luxury markup is easily 300-500%!

Tiffany & Co... Harry Winston... Cartier...

We all know the big brands, although few of us can justify the prices.
Well times are changing...

Companies like Pearls of Joy are selling luxury quality goods, direct-to-consumer.
In our case, that means we can sell top grade pearls at around 1/5th the price of traditional luxury.

And people are noticing...

Recently Huffington Post interviewed me and I filled them in on how brands like ours are giving consumers options, with innovative direct-to-consumer business models.
It would mean a lot to me if you took a few moments and read the article below:

Read Article(reading time 3 mins):

Reader Comments

Date 11/20/2017
Bernice Freeman
Very interesting reading . There is no doubt that shoppers have become more savvy in purchasing on line. I will never buy another pearl or pearls without shopping at Pearls of Joy . Kevin is very wise and certainly knows his business. I have no doubt that he sells the nicest Pearls at the best price . I regret that I didn't pay attention earlier ! Purchasing thru Kevin at Pearls Of Joy is truly an investment, which will increase in value as time goes by.
Date 12/18/2018
melvin meredes
Hi i am melvin meredes form Philippines. am asking your help because i have 700kilos of clamp pearl and 9 pure pearl in my custody and i need a legal and trusted buyer. if your interested to see the photos of my pearls for verification just in a private message i my facebook account or contact me with my mobile number 09161282251..

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