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September 2015 Hong Kong Gem Show - [DAY 4]

Posted by Kevin Canning on 9/22/2015 to General
 Well, it's the last day of the show, and we're starting to feel the long days(and long nights!). But the show goes on and we have just a few short hours before we fly home.

looking for pearls to purchse

Souffle Pearl Earrings

On day 1 we posted pictures of some incredible "electric" souffle pearls. I had a number of requests for earrings but at the time we couldn't find any good pairs.

The range of colors, shapes and overtones, makes souffle pearls more than a little difficult to match. But with a little persistence I was able to make a handful of pairs.

I'm told souffle pearl production is dropping off (pearls are sold by weight and these pearls are hollow and light). Hopefully that changes, selection is noticeably limited this show.

silver metallic souffle pearls

matched souffle pearls

a pair of rare colored Souffle pearls

Metallic Freshwater Pearls

More than just a high luster, true metallic pearls have a unique type of luster that comes from within the pearl. As opposed to just a shiny surface.

You must see them in person to really appreciate the effect. But here's a small glimpse at some of the metallic pearls we selected today.

a cluster of white pearls

metallic white pearl pairs

metallic drop pearls

freshwater pearls with rare colors

ropes of metallic pearls

freshwater pearls with different colors

white metallic pearl strands

strands of white pearls

And that's it... Another gem show is in the books.

Thanks for following along. If you enjoyed the pics, let Alana know by leaving a comment below.

Reader Comments

Date 9/23/2015
Those metallic drops are mesmerizing! Thank you so much for sharing your adventures.
Date 9/23/2015
Your pictures make me smile. Thanks so much for sharing!!! Have a safe trip home.
Date 9/23/2015
Thanks so much for another wonderful report from the Gem Show. Alana, your photos are a remarkable trear, and MOST appreciated!!!
Date 9/23/2015
Thank you so much for another wonderful report and the fabulous photos of the pearly goodness! I especially love the blue South Sea pearls and the colorful metallic pearls. It's always fun to "go along" to the shows with you through your blog posts.
Date 9/23/2015
Pearl Lacatella
Thank you for your very interesting report and the perfect photos.
Date 9/23/2015
Michelle Ariel
I still love white pearls but I am fascinated with all of the colors and shapes of the pearls you found. Thank you for sharing
Date 9/23/2015
Joanne Diasio
Thank you so much for all the post & love all the pictures. Love the white metallic pearls . I can't forget those beautiful souffle pearls you are holding in the first picture....the pink luster is wonderful! Have a safe trip home :))
Date 9/23/2015
Hi these pearls are one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing.
Date 9/23/2015
Sue Crawford
All of your pearls are absolutely wonderful!! I especially love those exotic metallic pearl....beautiful. Have a safe trip back.
Date 9/23/2015
Thank you for sharing your trip with us. Love the blue south sea. Bought one from your website recently. How big are the ones you are bringing home? Safe travels.
Date 9/23/2015
The daily reports were fun and informative. I am totally jealous that you are able to do something that looks like so much fun for an occupation!
Date 9/23/2015
Deborah Carpenter
I have enjoyed each day's blog. Seeing all those pearls is mind blowing. I would really like to have a pair of the souffle earrings. Have a safe trip home.
Date 9/23/2015
Absolutely love the pictures of metallic freshwater white pearls. Wondering about the cost of a pair of pearl studs about size 7.5 to 8? Curious
Date 9/23/2015
Absolutely love the pictures of metallic freshwater white pearls. Wondering about the cost of a pair of pearl studs about size 7.5 to 8? Curious
Date 9/23/2015
How big are the white metallic strands? I'm interested.
Date 9/24/2015
Love these blog posts about your buying trips! The photos are wonderful. Those round white metallics have me drooling!
Date 9/25/2015
Fabulous insights into pearl buying. I love the photos.....with pearls , you really want to reach out and touch! I look forward to hearing back from you regarding a baby blue baroque for a ring. I'd also be interested in the price of the stunning purple/ pink souffle pair. Safe trip home!!!!
Date 9/28/2015
Wow, those are all gorgeous.
Date 10/5/2015
Just simply gorgeous..........love the luster and the color........takes my breath away !!!
Date 10/8/2015
Love your blog and gorgeous pictures from your travels. Pursuing the finest and equally exquisite pearls... simply magnificent! You two make the perfect team!
Date 10/17/2015
Wola Kolias
Saw all your collections that inspired me about south sea pearls
Date 10/18/2015
Wola Kolias
Showing interest in your collection need help on one that i have found from your team
Date 2/14/2016
Loretta Wells

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