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September 2015 Hong Kong Gem Show - [DAY 1]

Posted by Kevin Canning on 9/15/2015
And we're back....!

After missing the June Hong Kong show it feels good to touch down in Hong Kong for another pearl buying adventure.

(In June we got married and spent our honeymoon drinking wine and eating grilled octopus in the Greek islands -- don't feel too bad for us.)

The throngs of people, the bumper to bumper traffic, the "unusual" smells -- heck even the jet lag was welcome(sick I know).

It all combines into that familiar feeling we get before we start each of our pearl buying trips.

These trips are short, intense and action packed. Between the pearl buying at day, the dinner and drinks at night and waking up at 6:00am to write my daily blogs, there is no rest on these trips.

But we wouldn't have it any other way, we love it!

On to the show.....

Admittedly day one was a difficult one. Sometimes you're pearl buying, sometimes you're just pearl hunting.

I spent a lot of time chasing leads...

...and at times my own tail.

But that's the nature of the beast. And half the fun of this whole game.

For me day of these events is usually about getting the lay of the land, visiting with old friends and comparing prices.

And Now The Pics...

One of our favorite suppliers saw us walk in and walked us over to their case...

"Mr. Kevin -- we have something very special to show you."

And she was right...

a strand of flawless deep purple Edison pearls

The strand above is a flawless deep purple "Edison" pearl necklace. Most the world doesn't know it yet, but this IS the future of freshwater pearl production in China. Phenomenal.

Electric Souffle Pearls...

I didn't find as many souffle pearls as I needed (I'm told souffle pearl production is down this year).

That said I can't complain. After sifting through a lot of junk we found a handful of fantastic pearls. Not huge, but luster that looks positively electric -- about 220 volts give or take...

a bag of electric souffle pearls

a handful of silver Souffles with electric luster

four electric souffles

a single Souffle pearl with magnificent luster

Souffle pearls with colorful overtones

colorful Souffle pearl

a handful of beautiful Souffle pearls

Tahitian Pearl Hunt....

We spent a ton of time trying to find the perfect 16mm pearl for a custom piece I'm working on. The instructions were specific, 15.5 - 16mm and dark body color...

...should be simple right?

Yes and no.

16mm is a BIG Tahitian pearl. And if you just want a single pearl, you're gonna have to open your wallet...wide open.

We spent a good portion of the day looking for just the right pearl. And we found a lot of great ones, but not great prices.

So lots of looking, lots of hunting but ultimately we didn't pull the trigger -- yet.

big, dark Tahitian pearls

tray of large Tahitians

scrutinizing a tray of Tahitian pearls

measuring a Tahitian pearl

Tahitian pearl hunting

selecting from a tray of jumbo Tahitians

Edison Pearls...

Ming, bead nucleated or Edison. Doesn't matter what you call them, they are the future of pearl production in China. The prices are still high and the general public still doesn't know they exist -- but the best Edison pearls are show stoppers.

See if you can spot the one blueberry looking pearl - more of those please!

examining Edison pearls

white, deep purples, and a

cluster of huge Edison pearls

rarecolored Edison pearls

looking over a tray of metallic pearls

white and purple Edison pearls

a group of rare Ming pearls

a collection of top grade Edison pearls


Well that's it for day one. If you enjoyed the pictures, leave a comment below and let us know. My wife Alana is working her buns off this trip. She won't admit it, but I know she gets a real kick out of reading the blog comments.

Reader Comments

Date 9/16/2015
Hi Kevin & Alana! Amazing blog as always, thanks so much for sharing! Just curious, are you guys bringing the purple Edison strand home? :) Paula
Date 9/16/2015
Mel Phillips
I always look forward to your blogs and you never disappoint. Thanks Kevin and Alana for sharing your pearl experiences. Mel
Date 9/16/2015
Hi! Oh what fun, loving the pics! Sure hope one those gorgeous Edison pearls is mine. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Enjoy your shopping and dining.
Date 9/17/2015
Heidi B.
The Edison pearls really are mesmerizing. Thank you for such great reporting! Can't wait to see what the rest of the trip brings.
Date 9/17/2015
Alana is a good photographer, thumbs up!
Date 9/17/2015
It's always such a pleasure to read your daily HK blog!!!
Date 9/17/2015
Alana and Kevin so nice so see you both again and what you show I saw yesterday also and I agree the prices are very high at the moment. But everything was is beautiful is in demand. I am back in Bangkok since last night because I had to complete my collection here this morning. Found also beautiful Tahitians, South Sea pairs and loose and pricing was good.
Date 9/17/2015
Thank you so much for the photos and the reports from the HK show. I'm going to pull out my purple Edison ring that you found last year and wear it today in celebration.
Date 9/17/2015
Tanya Oliver
Awesome as always Kevin. I love reading these posts, and seeing the beauties you find!
Date 9/17/2015
Stephania Sullivan
Hey Kevin: Enjoyed the coverage of the 1st day. Great photos & good read. Looking forward to more. Stevi
Date 9/17/2015
Mary amuge
Wow...so beautiful.
Date 9/17/2015
Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Are the Edison's heavy?
Date 9/17/2015
Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Are the Edison's heavy?
Date 9/17/2015
What a great "job"! I'm jealous you get to spend days sifting through pearls! The pictures are wonderful! Can't wait to see what you offer us next! Have a wonderful time!
Date 9/17/2015
First, congratulations to you both on your marriage in June. The Greek islands are truly gorgeous, so I know you must have had a terrific time. The pearls! So gorgeous! The Edison pearl strand is stunning! Have a wonderful trip. I look forward to seeing your treasures! PS next time make sure you get Alana's rings fully in the picture! :)
Date 9/17/2015
Mary B.
I have always thought pearls to be magnificent creations. The Souffle Pearls look like a pearl opal combination. They are the ones that caught my eye.
Date 9/17/2015
I love those souffles and the beautidul Edisons. But I want to keep the solid nacre freshwater pears!! I hate to think that eveything with be nucleated. I love the fact that solid nacre pears can survive for a 1000 years.
Date 9/17/2015
nancy meszaros
WOW these pearls are beautiful.Especially love the blueberry pearls.Guess i have to start saving some money ,so at CHRISTMAS TIMEi can afford a nice strand.Keep up the good work .Love seeing all of your photos.Nancy
Date 9/17/2015
All of the pearls in your pics are absolutely beautiful!! Thanks for sharing your pics! It's a good thing I can't go to these shows -- I'd be buying everything in sight! :)
Date 9/17/2015
Linda Bader
Wow, first congratulations on your recent marriage. The Greek Isles are great as is the mainland. The pearls pictured are beautiful and having just returned from French Polynesia your pearls look quite a bit better than the ones I saw. Are the pearls bought from you AAA quality?
Date 9/17/2015
Wow! I am in love with the Edison pearls. Can't wait to get my hands on one!
Date 9/17/2015
Tina Paige
Those Edison pearls are really lovely. That blueberry one is really outstanding. Can you give me an idea of the size and price? Also, in picture # 16 there is a white Edison pearl that is really lovely. Two of those would make outstanding earings....it's just about the price! Not crazy about the Souffle pearls. Wish I could be at that show!!!
Date 9/17/2015
Gorgeous pictures. The purple strand of Edison pearls is amazing. Yesterday I went to a meeting wearing my huge soufflé pearl on its gold chain. In talking to individual women, I noticed they never met my eyes, as their's were riveted on my soufflé Pearl! Hope you find more gorgeous things, Brenda
Date 9/17/2015
Hi Kevin, what a stunning necklace! And I love the deep purple pearls. I'd love a pendant and matching earrings. Also, have you seen any goldens? Thanks so much for looking out for us.
Date 9/17/2015
You seem to be on the cutting edge of the pearl community. Those edison pearls are nothing short of astonishing in beauty. A little afraid to hear what they are going to cost. Beauty usually is costly , on many levels. Happy honeymoon you too. Sounds like you had a memorable time. I remember mine 42 years later. It was so important. Congrats again.
Date 9/17/2015
Deborah Carpenter
I am pearl drunk. The pictures are stunning. I can only imange what they look like up close and personal.
Date 9/18/2015
Joan Mace
Congratulations on your current Nuptials. Being in the jewelry business must be a fabulous occupation. I'm a little jealous. I do think the Pearl has to be the most stunning of all gems, then of course the Opal. But ohhh my those purple colored ones, absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing.
Date 9/19/2015
Beautiful color and shimmer in the soufflé pearls. Like someone said, it is an opalescence type quality. Love!
Date 9/23/2015
Nirmala louis
Amazing!! I wish I could own one of them😄
Date 9/25/2015
Vigor He
Dear Kevin and Alana, It's a great pleasure to have met you and Alana and other pearl-guide members in Hong Kong. Mr Jeremy Shepherd, Hisano and you have made great contributions to global pearling industry. It's you and Mr Shepherd who have reformed marketing systems and globally launched a great revolution of jewelry consumption for women from all walks of life. Thank you so much for founding pearl-guide.com. Best Regards, Vigor He Bihong Deng
Date 9/28/2015
Lisa C
Alana, you have a real gift; you've got a fine eye for your subjects, and you seem to know just what'll make pearls look luscious! I enjoyed your blog posts a lot, too. They were really engaging!

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