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Sept. 2014 Hong Kong Gem Show - Day 4

Posted by Kevin Canning on 9/18/2014 to News
Yesterday I mentioned a meeting with Jewelmer pearl company. Now that we have our plans set I'm excited to announce that we'll be heading to their Palawan Island pearl farm as soon as we finish here in Hong Kong. They had also invited us to their 35th anneversery gala in Manila but sadly with our schedule we aren't able to make it work. We'll have to settle for a private tour of their pearl farm and a stay at their beautiful Flower Island Resort.

flower island pearl resort

Back To The Show...

On day 4 the crowds had thinned out a little bit and we had a little more room to move around and explore. Near the far end of the hall we found an interesting booth that had a HUGE 21mm South Sea pearl(with price tag to match) and a neat selection of water and keshi pearl rings. A very interesting idea that reminds me of the gold fish key-chains you see available in the market in Hong Kong -- cute but I'm not sure how practical?

21mm South Sea Pearl Keshi pearl rings

Freshwater Metallic Strands

With time running out we cut our explorations short and got back to work and finished selecting freshwater metallic strands. We found some awesome strands, including 3 well matched "fancy color" strands.

freshwater metallic strands metallic pearl strands closeup of the freshwater metallic pearls a freshwater metallic pearl strand freshwater pearls with metallic luster group of metallic pearl strands freshwater metallic pearl strand in light gold lighter colored freshwater pearl strands metallic freshwater pearls in lighter gold colors freshwater pearl strands with metallic luster

Fancy Color Metallic Drops

We have a good selection of metallic drops back in the office, we just needed to find a couple of stand out pairs. I swear matching drops has got to be the most frustrating task at the show. Not only does the color have to match, but you also have to consider size and shape, you get a lot of close matches, but very few perfect matches. Out of the entire bag in the first photo I could only make 5 pairs in the color I was looking for.

a bag of rare colored drop pearls getting ready to sort matching pairs of drop pearls rare colored pearls with metallic luster a pair of rare metallic drop pearls rows of matched drop pearls with rare colors pairs of matched rare metallic pearl drops top view of the matched rare pearl drops

Silver Keshi Pearl Strands

These were an item several customers had requested, and until today I didn't think we were going to find them. They turned out a little bigger and little more expensive then I hoped, but we took them none the less. With these and the previous keshi strands, expect a big selection of torsades on the site in the future.

silver Keshi pearl strands close up of the silver Keshi pearl strands Keshi pearls in beautiful silver colors silver Keshi pearls with fascinating varied shapes and sizes Keshi pearl strands with beautiful luster strands of the silver Keshi pearls

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Date 9/18/2014
Round metallic strands ... second to last photo ... that butter yellow strand in the middle ... gasp !!! Now keshis ... silvery or that dark gold into purple range? Lovely finds, Kevin ... and the photos and reports :) How exciting for you to be going to Flower Island Resort ... congratulations.

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