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Sept. 2014 Hong Kong Gem Show - Day 1

Posted by Kevin Canning on 9/15/2014 to News
After a busy summer I'm back in Hong Kong to stock up on pearls for the upcoming holiday season and as usual, hunt down rare and exotic pearls. While I was a little concerned we would see more of the same from the June show, so far Hong Kong has not disappointed.

first day of the September 2014 Hong Kong Jewellry and Gem Fair

Holy Grail Ripples

My first order of business was to track down several "Holy Grail" ripple strands, for a few ladies that missed out the last time around. As I suspected the price had gone up, but with a little haggling I was able to get them back down to June prices, "Just this one time". Same as in June, these strands are available by pre-order only. If you're thinking of a strand, this is the time to get one as Grace pearl was very clear that won't be giving me the same pricing again -- EMAIL ME for details.

Holy Grail Ripple Pearl Strand form Grace Pearl multicolored Holy Grail ripple pearl strand another multicolored strand of beautiful ripple pearls Holy Grail Ripple Pearls

Edison Pearls

Edison pearls are large bead nucleated freshwater pearls, produced by the famous Grace Pearl Company, the same company responsible for the Holy Grail Ripples. The prices in June for these pearls were through the roof, but with sluggish sales they have decided to bring them back down within reach. I sat down in front of 3 lots of 12-13mm "AAAAA" (yes that's five A's!) and picked out what I felt were 6 of the best. I don't have plans for these darlings, so please leave a suggestion in the comment section below if you have any.

selecting large Edison pearls different colored bead-nucleated Edison pearls a close up of the Edison pearls dark purple Edison pearl rare colored pearl three dark Edison pearls dark and light colored Edison pearls bead-nucleated Edison pearls Edison pearl with amazing overtones Edison pearls

Baby Ripples

We spent at least half the day looking for high quality ripples and nearly came up short(apart from the Holy Grail ripples). While there were 1000's of strands available we didn't find anything that I would put my name to. Near the end of the day we found one small batch of small white "Baby" ripples. These cute little pearls are the perfect answer for the ladies that love the look of ripples but don't like the weight of the traditional sizes -- these ripples have wearability. At this size, I'm thinking of making ropes, doubles and maybe even a couple triple strands, neck pain not included.

searching for strands of white ripple pearls close up of a strand of white baby ripple pearls silver/white baby ripple pearls strand of baby ripple pearls baby ripple pearls with stunning textures rows of beautiful ripple pearls strands of magnificent

As of right now we have a minor typhoon blowing in and the giant palm trees outside my hotel window are taking a serious beating. But the show must go on, so with umbrellas in hand we're off for Day 2!

Reader Comments

Date 9/15/2014
Tanya Oliver
The gorgeous edisons are just screaming to be made into classic pendants. No embellishments, just showcasing their perfection with simple metal findings. P.S, I want one :P
Date 9/15/2014
Melanie Phillips
One of those Edisons is calling my name.
Date 9/16/2014
I really like those "Baby" white ripples ... now maybe in the future they'll have "Baby" ripples in those glorious "Holy Grail" colors ... :)
Date 9/16/2014
Agree, we need baby ripples in Holy Grail colours! The Edisons would look good as rings or pendants, don't distract beholders from their beauty by adding diamonds.
Date 9/16/2014
Lisa C
The Baby Ripples are painfully gorgeous!
Date 9/17/2014
Stevi Sullivan
Love your.pearls.....the Ripples are interesting..love their color really like the Edisons. thank for sharing
Date 9/17/2014
I can just imagine a long strand of baby ripples in HG colors, it would be amazing
Date 9/18/2014
May need holy grail ripples!!!
Date 9/24/2014
Loving the white baby ripples!
Date 9/24/2014
Loving the white baby ripples! Size? Not graduated? Yummy Kevin!

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