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Pearl Necklace Lengths

Pearl necklaces are many things to many people. They express stature, elegance, and success. Below you will a basic overview of the most common lengths and styles.

Collar (12-13")

A collar necklace has a Victorian look, and is often made up of two or more strands worn high on the neck. Pearl collars can be gracefully worn with V-neck or off-shoulder tops and dresses.

Choker (14-16")

A choker pearl necklace is similar to a collar, yet more versatile and worn more loosely on the neck.

Princess (17-19")
A princess-length pearl necklace will go with almost anything and any neckline, from dinner dresses to a T-shirt and jeans. The strand normally lays on the upper-most chest and is most fittingly worn with knit sweaters, crew neck tops and high necklines as well as low ones.

Matinee (20-24")
A mid-length matinee pearl necklace, at 20-24 inches, is great with a business suit or a dress. The matinee is most suited for semi-formal occasions.

Opera (28-34")
The opera pearl strand is 28-34 inches in length and normally a single strand. An Opera pearl necklace is naturally "opera" or best suited for formal engagements in evening dresses. The strand may be worn in two styles; a long elegant single strand, or doubled on itself and turned into a highly versatile, shorter length.

Rope (+45")
The rope pearl necklace is very luxurious and highly sexy! You can have clasps along the length to help you break it down into shorter necklace and bracelet combinations but, on its own, it's breathtaking.

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