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Pearl Necklace Lengths

Choosing the right length of pearl necklace can be a bit daunting.  This handy necklace length guide will help you narrow down the perfect length. 
16 Inch


A choker pearl necklace will range from 14-16" and will sit above the collar bone on most women. This is a popular choice for young ladies, petite women or wearing with a high neckline.
18 Inch


Without a question this is the most popular length of pearl necklace sold throughout the world. A princess-length pearl necklace will go with almost anything and any neckline, from dinner dresses to a T-shirt and jeans. If a woman owns just one strand of pearls, it's our opinion that it should be a classic 18-inch pearl necklace
24 Inch 


A mid-length matinee pearl necklace, at 20-24 inches, is great with business attire or a dress. While classically this length would be reserved for semi-formal events, many women will rock strands of this length with casual clothing.
36 Inch 


The opera pearl strand is 28-36 inches in length. The strand may be worn in two styles; a long elegant single strand, or doubled on itself and turned into a highly versatile, shorter length. In recent years we've seen a trend of women wearing multiple layers of opera length strands.
45 inch


The rope style pearl necklace is very luxurious and highly sexy! There's something incredibly satisfying about having a rope of pearls draped around the neck.
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