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June 2014 Hong Kong Gem Show - Day 2

Posted by on 6/20/2014 to General
Day 2 and the rain is coming down in buckets, perfect weather to hunker down and sort pearls. I started the day in front of a tray brimming with loose metallics and got to work matching pairs. This year I've been getting a lot of requests for pearls with deep purple coloration, so I made a point to select a number of purple pairs, as well as the ever popular whites and "fancy color" pearls.

a tray of the a handful of a close up of the fancy colored pearls a wide range of colors for these freshwater loose metallics metallic metallic pearls with the various purple pearls a group of dark purple pearls dark purple metallic freshwater pearls matched purple metallics freshwater traditional white pearls close up of the white pearls beautiful white pearls freshwater white pearls in pairs perfectly matched white pearls white and multi-coloured fancy pearls

Back at the September 2013 gem show I selected a number of little metallic keshi nuggets that proved very popular. I've been looking for more ever since but kept coming up short. While I couldn't find any colored keshis I was able to make a couple dozen pairs of silver/dove grey pearls, perfect for studs and dangle earrings.

metallic keshi nuggets keshi pearls on close up keshi pearls with intense metallic luster pairs of keshi nuggets differently sized pairs of keshi pearls a small pair of metallic keshi nuggets metallic keshi pearls in pairs

While sorting loose keshis, one of the staff dropped a handful of keshi strands in front of me. The prices were great, so I pulled a dozen or so of the best strands. These will make a fun and affordable special down the road, I just need to decide what to do with them. If any readers have ideas for them, please leave a comment.

gold metallic keshi pearl strands keshi strand on close up a few strands of golden keshi nuggets keshi nugget strands on close up keshi pearls in gold colors metallic keshi nuggets with strong gold color closer look at the golden keshi pearl strands wonderful variety of shapes of the keshi nugget strands golden keshi pearl nuggets keshi nugget strands pearl keshi nuggets with excellent luster another close up of the beautiful keshi pearls clumped strands of golden keshi pearls golden keshi nuggets different textures of the keshi nugget strands

Since posting yesterday, I've had a number of requests for more details on the "Holy Grail" ripple strands. With the day winding down, I went to Grace pearl and selected the 3 best strands they had. These pictures perfectly capture their real life color. Let me know in the comments which strand is your favorite?

Holy Grail Freshwater Ripple Strand 1 Holy Grail Freshwater Ripple Strand 2 Holy Grail Freshwater Ripple Strand 3

Reader Comments

Date 6/20/2014
Ripple hank #3!! Love I'm scared to hear the price though
Date 6/21/2014
Tanya Oliver
# 2 is my fave. :)
Date 6/21/2014
You can make torsade necklaces with those electrifying keshis.
Date 6/21/2014
Perhaps one should consider the idea of making pearl brooches with metallic pearls (round or irregular, not very common in pearl jewellery web sites) yet that is quite popular in high ends companies such as Mikimoto and Tasaki.
Date 6/21/2014
Ist Choice #2, 2nd Choice #1
Date 6/21/2014
Cathy in PA
All 3 Ripples are stunning; 3 is my favorite. I adore keshi pearls ... are any of the strands silver or silvery blue/grey? As for finishing, how about bracelets for a change?

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