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June 2014 Hong Kong Gem Show - Day 1

Posted by on 6/19/2014 to News
Day 1 is wrapped up and we're off to a good start. Although Alana couldn't make this trip, so I'm doing double duty as pearl buyer and photographer.

First day at June 2014 Hong Kong Jewellry and Gem Fait

I'll start with a handful of strands I've dubbed the "Holy Grail" of freshwater ripples, I'm actually struggling to find the right superlatives to describe these pearls. The orient and luster is amazing but what strikes me the most is the color. Color this intense is not supposed to be possible without dyes or treatments, but they do exist and it's all natural.

I actually found about a dozen "Holy Grail" strands but they aren't cheap, in fact all ripples have jumped in price. It seems that the Chinese have figured out there is a demand for ripple pearls and have started to price them accordingly. Because of the high price of these Holy Grail strands I'm taking pre-orders, but I won't be bringing any back that aren't already spoken for. If you're interested email me for details.

Holy Grail of freshwater ripple pearls ripple pearls with intense luster and color natural freshwater ripple pearls a strand of beautiful ripple pearls close up of a few of the ripple pearls freshwater ripple pearls with intense coloring and luster no-dye ripple pearls stunning freshwater ripple pearls without treatment a full view of a strand of the Holy Grail of ripple pearls

Shifting gears I went in search of a handful of special Tahitians and found a great lot from the Gambier Islands. I'm told the Gambier Islands are producing a lot of great colorful pearls right now and I gladly picked up a handful of cherry peacock pearls. I would have loved to take the whole lot, but prices are up this show, so I only took what I needed.

a bag of cherry peacock pearls from the Gambier Islands a tray of Tahitian pearls from Gambier Islands colorful Tahitian pearls

Sticking with Saltwater pearls I went in search of more silver/blue South Sea pearls, for an upcoming special. I stopped by the same South Sea dealer I've purchased from the last 2 shows and he had a silver/blue lot of pearls set aside for me. I went through the lot, matching out a few pairs and singles for pendants.

a single blue/silver South Sea Pearl a handful of silver/blue South Sea pearls blue South Sea pearls in pairs matched blue South Sea pearls close up of a silver/blue South Sea pearl South Sea pearl in a smaller size South sea pearls with a metallic sheen a row of beautiful blue south sea pearls a solitary blue south sea pearl variety of south sea pearl shapes a group of south sea pearls with gorgeous luster close up of the south sea pearls a few of the chosen south sea pearls to bring home

With the day winding down I wanted to make one more buy, so I dropped by "Mr. Money's" booth and sat down to select some fancy/rare color metallic studs. I grabbed a bucket of 10mm AAA pearls and cherry picked out about a dozen pairs with the best luster and rarest color.

buckets of colorful metallic pearls from Mr. Money selecting the best pieces of the lot rare colored pearls metallic pearls in rare colors different colored pearls with intense metallic luster close up of a group of metallic pearls rows of matched rare colored pearls metallic pearls in pairs

So that sums up day 1 of the show, stay tuned for more pearly finds in the upcoming days.

Reader Comments

Date 6/20/2014
Well done, Kevin, such a fabulous job you do. I enjoy reading your blog and those pearl candies
Date 6/20/2014
shirley witonsky
What price range are the ripples, also size and length.
Date 6/20/2014
MV - thank you so much for your kind words - glad you enjoy the pics! Shirley, if you'd like to send me an email I can fill you in on the details.
Date 6/20/2014
Stunning pearls! Love those blue south seas!!!!
Date 6/20/2014
I am interested in the ripple pearls, too.
Date 6/20/2014
Tanya Oliver
Looks like I may be wanting another pair of metallic earrings, those pearls are haunting my dreams!
Date 6/20/2014
I am interested in the ripples too. Also, I'd like to know if smaller diameter ripple pearls are to be found, like 8mm or so. Thank you Seyma

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