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Hong Kong March 2016 - The Call Of The East [Day 2]

Posted by Kevin Canning on 3/4/2016 to General

Peacock Tahitian Pearl Necklaces

I started (and later finished) the day trying to track down a handful of special Tahitian pearl strands. There's no shortage as you can see in the first photo, but most are either grossly over priced or too spotted for my standards. That said, with a little luck and a tip from a friend we did ultimately succeed and pick some beautiful strands with green body colors and the ever popular peacock overtones.

rows of Tahitian pearls peacock colored Tahitian pearls closeup of peacock Tahitian pearls a single strand of Tahitian pearls a rope of Tahitian pearls dark green Tahitian pearl necklaces Tahitian pearl necklace

Bead Nucleated Freshwater "Edison" Pearls

These are a pearl I love to hunt down. I mean who wouldn't love finding a large natural purple or crisp white pearl with metallic luster? But to be honest I'm a little disappointed at the selection and pricing of loose Edison pearls this show. I had hoped to return home with a large selection of various sizes and colors, but after over going through several thousand pearls, I ended up with only a very small handful.

freshwater Edison pearls close up of different colored Edison pearls Edison pearls grouped by color purple Edison pearls white metallic Edison pearl a single purple Edison pearl matched pair of deep purple Edison pearls

Metallic Freshwater Pearls

To finish the day I sat down with a favorite supplier, to select metallic(true metallic) freshwater pearls. I started by matching incredible white metallic earring pairs ranging from 8 to 10mm and some beautiful eye round 9-10mm white metallic strands.

While busy matching, one of the bosses dropped an incredible multi-color metallic pearl strand in front of me. The saturated colors, round shapes and incredible metallic luster were like nothing we've seen yet. A little too pricey for me to pull the trigger(still considering it though), but I actually feel it was reasonable for what it was -- one of the rarest strands of pearls on the planet.

white metallic pearls on a tray true metallic freshwater pearls picking metallic pearl pairs for earrings metallic pearls on close up handful of white metallic pearls pairs of metallic pearls matched metallic pearl for earrings close up of the metallic pearl pairs white metallic pearl strands ropes of white metallic pearls close up of the freshwater white metallic pearls metallic pearls with rare colors rare colored metallic pearls metallic pearls in different colors multi-colored metallic pearl collection close up of the multicolored metallic pearls freshwater metallic pearls in different colors

That's all I have for day 2. Day 3 we had meetings that kept us from the show, but we'll be back for one last day tomorrow. If you enjoyed these photos, leave a comment below and let us know.

Reader Comments

Date 3/4/2016
Linda O'Sullivan
Thank you for showing us your fabulous. Photoes, can't Waite to see the New stock on the website. I have started saving already.
Date 3/4/2016
Vicki Harris
Love to hear about these days at the show! You are lucky to have such a fabulous job. Its interesting and just looking at the photos makes me drool! I can't imagine being there in person! Thanks for sharing!!
Date 3/4/2016
Such Beautiful pearls! Wow! How do you decide?!?! I also can't wait to see them on your site and, likewise, have started saving. Particularly love the south sea blues and the soft, dreamy rainbow colours of the Tahitians in the top photo. But then the Edisons are so stunning too....A big thank you for sharing your experiences with us fellow pearl-lovers!
Date 3/4/2016
I love these blog updates of your Hong Kong trips. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. Looking forward to shopping the updated Maven collection!
Date 3/4/2016
That creamy strand of metallic freshwaters, above the multicolored strand, is so lovely.
Date 3/4/2016
If I only had money ... your photos are making me drool!
Date 3/4/2016
Alana,did you see any of the black carved pearls I am interested in? Bev
Date 3/4/2016
I just looked them up and they are from Galatea.
Date 3/4/2016
Kevin; What gorgeous pearls.. I'll have one maybe two of each, thank you very much (if only)! The multi color strand was incredible. Great pictures and loved following your posts.
Date 3/4/2016
Kathleen Rea
I would LOVE to own one of the Tahitian peacock pearl necklaces. I wish I had the money for them. Maybe if I got one fabulous pearl on a gold chain. Wishing---
Date 3/4/2016
The pearls are so beautiful they are out of this world looking. I hope you get to the silver blue, metallic souffle pearls. Looking forward to them guys.
Date 3/4/2016
Darryl Hollingsworth
Beautiful pearls and look forward to more pictures!
Date 3/4/2016
Patricia Bromley-Marks
Thanks Kevin, for showing us those wonderful pearls - especially the last strand!
Date 3/4/2016
Eagerly awaiting the metallics! Thanks for taking the time and effort to send these photos.
Date 3/4/2016
If I was a girl of means (sadly not) I would want to wrap several strands of the peacock Tahitian pearls around my neck and wear them 24 hrs a day, even to sleep in, and feel like a queen!! God they are gorgeous!!! But... the freshwater Edison pearls are magnificent! I am currently in love with metallic freshwater pearls... and some of them are within reach of a regular working girl who wants to feel like a princess!! Thanks for the photos! I can't stop looking at them! LUSTER! Karen
Date 3/5/2016
Hi, Were you able to get any smaller dark purple pearls for earrings this year?
Date 3/5/2016
Joy 3-5-2016
I absolutely love these pearls. The whites, blues, lavenders and pinks are just beautiful. The peacock colors are gorgeous.Even the pearls that aren't perfect are beautiful to me. I have a pearl that I got out of an oyster at a fair. It's a rosy gold color, I had it set in a plain gold band and always wanted to find pearls to match for earrings and a pendant. The pearl itself is about a 7-8 mm size, not very big but it glows when the sun is on it. Maybe someday I'll find matching pearls and have a nice set. I look forward to seeing the POJ postings. Thank You Joy

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