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Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Show 2013 - Day 5

Posted by Kevin Canning on 9/16/2013 to News
Day 5 and I'll admit my feet and back are not feeling good, but its the last day and our last chance to shop. Not surprisingly, this pearl with its $190,000 USD price tag did not sell, but can't blame them for trying.

$190,000 Pearl

Alana spotted these Akoya and South Sea graduated earrings. She worked so hard all week, I had to add these to her personal collection.

Akoya and South Sea graduated dangling earrings

While walking the floor we found a few strands of giant free form baroques. These aren't classic by any means but for the right woman these will make a real statement.

giant free form baroques close up of the free form baroque strands big pieces of free form baroque pearls white free form baroques in different shapes a closer look at the big baroque pearls white baroque pearls in different shapes exquisite baroque pearl shape big whtie pearls in magnified view

I've received a few emails about the large dark purple Edison pearls I posted previously and decided to try and pick up a few more pairs. At this point in the show the lots were getting pretty picked over.

picking out Edison pearls rows of matched Edison pearls looking for a pair with a perfect match

I didn't find what I was looking for in the pre-matched pairs so I went back over to Grace pearl to look through a few lots of loose pearls.

pile of beautiful pearls at Grace pearl

Things are looking up! I find a few single large pearls for pendants but only 2 lonely pairs for earrings.

single pearl for a pendant dark to light colored Edison pearls beautiful Edison pearls a single dark colored Edison pearl a pair of Edison pearls for earrings close up of the pair of Edison pearls another pair of matched Edison pearls purple pair of Edison pearls matched pair of purple Edisons

Sorry gentlemen, but those pearls are spoken for.

searching for matching Edison pearls two pairs of perfectly matched pearls matched Edison pearls for earrings

Around 3:00 it was time to leave and I'll admit we were happy to do so, until next time that is...

las day of the Hong Kong show

The show might be over but stay tuned for a few extras and outtakes from our trip...

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