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Freshwater Pearl Grading

Freshwater Pearl Grading Video Transcript:

0:00 - Hey guys, Kevin Canning, owner of pearlsofjoy.com. Today, I'm here to talk to you about the difference between AA+, AAA, and gem-grade freshwater pearls. So before we start, let me preface this the same way I do anytime we talk about pearl grading, and that is to say there is no standard grading system within the pearl industry. It's actually a big problem in our industry. We're working with various groups. We're trying to figure it out. But until then, no, this is just how I grade pearls. I tend to grade very strict, and I tend to focus on luster. But that's judge how it I do it. That's what you can expect with the pearls you source from pearlsofjoy.com. With that said, let's dive in, let's take a close look at the difference between AA+, AAA, and gem-grade freshwater pearls. 

0:48 - Okay guys, we're zoomed in here. We're looking at a strand of AA+ freshwater pearls from Pearls of Joy. Very nice pearls. You can see good luster. I can see nice shape. It's not perfectly round. A little bit of oval shaped here and there. Well worn, this strand is going to appear round but very nice. Super nice surface. You know, I can spot a couple of little imperfections if I really look. You'd have to know what you're looking for, and you'd have to be looking very close to spot anything. So overall, a very nice strand. It's a great starter strand of pearls for a young girl. This is a super nice string of pearls.

1:33 - If we bring in the AAA freshwater pearls, so not a huge jump up. I mean, this is AA+ to AAA. Not a massive jump. A lot of what we're seeing is rounder pearls. I'm seeing a rounder shape and a little bit better luster. Both strands, I mean the AAA, I'm not really seeing any imperfections. If you look very close, you'd be able to find a couple here and there. I'm not spotting any at the moment. So really, you're just seeing a little bit better shape and a little bit luster, not a huge jump. 

2:06 - Now, this is where it gets cool. This is where we start to really make some big jumps and bring in the gem-grade freshwater pearl. This is an exceptional strand of pearls. Fifteen years ago, they didn't even think this was going to be possible with freshwater pearls. What you're seeing there is a huge jump in luster. I mean, look, it is metallic. That luster is closer to a saltwater Akoya pearl than it is a traditional freshwater pearl. That is just fantastic. 

2:37 - The shape on the pearl, basically perfectly round. You know, I'm seeing a little bit of variation just because I know what I'm looking for. You would look at that and you'd say that's a round pearl. And the luster, it is basically metallic-like luster. Just fantastic.

2:58 - There you have it guys. You have a AA+ pearl. We have a AAA freshwater pearl. Then we have the gem-grade freshwater pearl. That's what you're paying for. As you go a little bit up in quality to the AAA, to the gem-grade, you're getting rounder pearls and you're getting higher luster. Hopefully, you find this useful.

3:21 - If you have any questions let us know. If not, hopefully, this was useful. My name's Kevin Canning, owner of Pearls of Joy. Thanks for watching. 

Below is a description on what Pearls of Joy defines as A, AA, AAA & Gem Grade Freshwater pearls.

Grade Description
Gem Quality Round to the eye.  Supreme luster with excellent matching and clean surface quality >95% blemish free. 
AAA Near round to the eye.  Brilliant luster, 80-90% free of any blemishes or marks. 
AA Medium luster with surface defects over not more than 60% of the surface area.
A Noticeably off round. Very little to no luster, 70-90% free of any blemishes or marks.

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