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Freshwater Pearl Colors

freshwater pearl colors
Freshwater pearls produce the widest array of colors and shapes. There are dozens of naturally occurring colors found in freshwater pearls. Their body color can be white, cream or colored (yellow, orange, pink and purple). Above are the 4 most common colors seen on the retail market today but by no means illustrate the full spectrum of possible colors. Freshwater pearls are rich in orient, an optical effect where rainbows of colors shimmer beneath the pearl's surface. This effect is similar to shifting rainbows reflecting on soap bubbles. Orient is commonly found in freshwater pearls due to their composition of pure nacre. When freshwater pearls are dyed black, it enhances the orient and results in dark pools of color, similar to gasoline on pavement.

Freshwater Pearl Overtones

Freshwater pearls have overtones, but they are different from bead-nucleated pearls. Typically freshwater pearls of lower quality show little to no overtone, though higher quality freshwater pearls can show overtones of rose, blue and green.

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