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Buying Pearls: Behind The Scenes [VIDEO]

Posted by Kevin Canning on 4/10/2017 to General
Last time I wrote, my wife Alana and I were headed for Hong Kong on another pearl buying trip. This trip had some ups, some downs and a few challenges. 

I know a lot of you are eager to see what pearls we brought back... And I promise there's a few big surprises coming soon.

Until then, take a few moments and watch this fun video we put together with footage from our trip. I think it nicely captures the craziness of these Hong Kong gem shows.


Thanks for watching!

If you want us to do more video for you in the future, let me know in the comments below.

Reader Comments

Date 2/2/2018
Donna Fullerton
My next purchase will be a necklace of colored pearls. ??
Date 2/27/2018
Date 3/21/2018
Suzanne Bourassa
J'ai apprécié votre vidéo. Je suis enchanté de mes deux bracelets. C'est un plaisir de vous encourager. Merci
Date 3/25/2018
Great video and the pearls look amazing!!
Date 6/22/2018
Reyna Vasquez
It is so exciting to be able to see the experience behind the scenes. When I lived in PA i went several times to the Beads Festivals where I could easily spend hours and hours buying and admiring the semiprecious stones and fresh water pearls. Looking forward for my new Akoya Pearls, I have been admiring them for a while.
Date 7/2/2018
Gaby Mac
I think it is great that we can see this trip !
Date 9/30/2018
Frankie Stout
Thank you for posting theses videos with reading information on your web site. I worked for private jererlers in the 80s and always loved the days we had our pearl sales and to be able to see and compare all the quality and colors. Your video refreshed my knowledge and even gave me much more knowledge than I knew. This is a great sales tool, as I’m sure your aware. Now that I’m retired my plans are to go over seas and experience some of these places and pearl farms. I’m sure your sales are going to become very positive and thank you for allowing the shopping public to know more about the pearl industry. These are not only a good marketing videos but people will now know the difference and not be over sold on prices by sales people to take advantage of the consumer. Congrats, you have done a great job on your web site and your sales are going to sour!
Date 10/24/2018
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Date 12/11/2018
Candace Salvatto Gomez
The pearls are simply stunning! Thanks for sharing.
Date 3/13/2019
I have a giant pearl weighing 6 kilos to 58 kilos. If you are interested pls. contact me +63977 045 9704.
Date 3/18/2019
Irene elustrisimo
I have tridacna gigas pearl,,,crystal gemstone,brilliant stone,and white gold stone..I need buyer as soon as possible..here in the phillipines.if your are interested please contact this number.+639071798321.

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