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Back To The Orient! March 2015 Gem Show: DAY 2

Posted by Kevin Canning on 3/3/2015 to General

Big Beautiful Drops

One of the prettiest new finds this season has got to be this beautiful multi-color strand of big freshwater drops with metallic luster and super rich body colors. One of only two in existence, the boss told me they they were able to make an 18" version and a 32" rope. If I told you how many tonnes of pearls are required to make a necklace like this you wouldn't believe me.

In the case below the multi-color strands was a stunning lilac colored version, which is not a color we come across often - just beautiful!

perfect metallic drop pearls deep color bead nucleated pearls metallic drops beautiful lavender drop pearl necklace

Silver/Blue Baroque South Sea Pearls

Even the casual readers of this blog know I'm always on the look out for large silver/blue South Sea pearls. Unfortunately these blue South Sea pearls are hit or miss, either they don't have the right shape or there's a serious blemish that makes them unusable.  While I didn't find as many as I wanted I did find two giant 18mm beauties with interesting shapes and great prices.

bag of big beautiful silver/blue south sea pearls giant 18mm blue south sea pearl rare large blue south sea pearl a couple of blue south sea pearls silver blue south sea pearl stunning south sea baroque pearl

Colorful Baby Ripples

In September we found a great batch of smaller "baby" white ripples, but struck out on anything with color(big or small). This time around my "ripple lady" had a big bag of similar baby ripples but in super colorful body colors. Ranging from golden peach to nearly black these strands are perfect for those that love the look of ripples but are overwhelmed by the larger pearls.

pile of colorful ripple pearls close up of new freshwater ripple pearls deep color freshwater ripples freshwater ripple pearls with metallic luster hanks of freshwater ripples ripple pearls with intense overtones beautiful luster

Dark Blue Japanese Akoya Pearls

Just like the blue South Sea pearls, I have a weakness for natural blue Akoya pearls. Funny enough our main supplier of natural Akoyas told us someone was hunting around the show with a picture from this blog, trying to find out our source. Lucky for me he knows us well and always keeps his best strands behind the counter, knowing we'll take them all if the color and price is right.

blue akoya pearls natural color japanese akoya pearls dark blue pearls deep blue akoya pearls Akoya pearls with intense blue coloring blue japanese akoyas

A Million Dollar View

While walking the floor we came across a glass case with pearls big enough to make anybody stop and take a look. The center piece of the display was a flawless 17-20mm white South Sea necklace with a retail price tag of nearly $1,000,000! No question the necklace was stunning but I'm willing to bet they'll be waiting a while before that one sells.
Million dollar South Sea Pearl Necklace

Faceted Pearls

Before leaving for Hong Kong I had a request for a pair of faceted Tahitian pearl earrings and went in search of the one booth that carries them. I spoke with the owner for a while and it turns out he was an award winning gem cutter that turned his skills to pearls. He does amazing work, but I'd be lying if I wasn't a little shocked when we started talking prices. Just to give you an idea, an 18" strand of faceted 9-10mm freshwater pearls would have a retail price tag of around $3000+! I didn't have the guts to ask what he wanted for the Tahitian or South Sea versions.

faceted pearl necklaces faceted pearl earrings

For The Love Of Pearls

It appears there's a South Sea farmer out there with a playful side and he's taken a page from the freshwater pearl farmers play book, making these cute little heart shaped golden pearls.  I gotta admit, they are pretty darn cute.

heart shaped gold colored pearls

Reader Comments

Date 3/3/2015
Deborah Carpenter
I love the blue pearls.
Date 3/4/2015
Tanya O
Eeep, the baby ripples are adorable, and the akoyas are divine.
Date 3/4/2015
Great update - thank you for sharing! It's funny, my jury has been out on the faceted pearls until seeing these photos of the earring pairs. They are just stunning.
Date 3/4/2015
Thank you for sharing!!! How lovely they all are esp the akoya's :) But there was something intriguing about the little golden hearts! How precious to have one pearl/heart for each of my grandchildren!! Mmmmmmm just a thought for mothers day!!
Date 3/4/2015
Love the golden hearts. as a grandmother would love to have one for each of my 4 grandbabies maybe on a bracelet?
Date 3/4/2015
I, too, have a weakness for the natural blue Akoyas. Thank you for the lovely photos! I think I'd like to have one of those blue SS pearls, as an enhancer. Lots of pretty, pretty pearls!
Date 3/4/2015
Love the blue akoyas. LOVE them.
Date 3/4/2015
That song running through my head ... "I want it all, I want it all ..." Thanks Kevin and Alana ... wonderful report, stunning photos. I'll start with that multi-color drop necklace, the lilac one, 2 strands of blues for a rope with a BSS enhancer ... maybe even a little gold heart :)
Date 3/4/2015
Love the baroque silver blue south sea pearl as a simple pendant. What is considered a great price? What a fun day! I am sure it is lots of work!
Date 3/4/2015
Great shots. What interesting pearls!
Date 9/10/2015
Deirdre Neill
Love the Blue Pearls for necklace
Date 9/10/2015
Deirdre Neill
Love the Blue Pearls for necklace
Date 10/7/2015
Virginia Obozuwa
Beautiful silver pearls
Date 11/4/2015
Patricia Peckhem
I really love the pearl ear rings, pearl blue. Wish I could afford them, but not at this time. I've been showing them all to my friend's who love all the pearls too. Maybe later I will get some. Would love to see more of the pearl studs. Thank you there so beautiful.

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